The Eggplant World is the most secretive area in all of Spelunky 2, and reaching it may take a lot of skill and luck. It is what remains of the palace of King Yama, now overtaken by Eggplants after his defeat at the hands of Tina Flan.

How to Reach

There are multiple hoops that a Spelunker must jump through in order to reach the Eggplant World.

Step 1: Obtain an Eggplant

Eggplants are obtained by offering a Present to a Kali Altar. This will display the text "Kali enjoys a good mystery!" as the Eggplant is awarded.

Step 2: Take the Eggplant to The Moai

Opening The Moai with an Eggplant to reach the Eggplant Child.

After reaching the Ice Caves, a Spelunker must deposit the Eggplant at the purple stained altar next to the Moai. The Moai and altar will always spawn on the level just below the level containing the entrance.

Placing the Eggplant upon the purple altar next to the Moai opens it, leading into a small room where the Eggplant Child is found sleeping.

Step 3: Take the Eggplant Child to the Sunken City

Once a player has awoken the Eggplant Child within the Moai in the Ice Caves, they must accompany them all the way to the Sunken City. Players should either have the Tablet of Destiny in their inventory to obtain the Qilin, or perform a Qilin Skip to get past the lasers above Tiamat's Throne.

Step 4: Rest the Eggplant Child upon the Mother Statue in Sunken City

The door to the Eggplant World opening.

Once the player has made it with the Eggplant Child into the Sunken City safely, they should ensure that they make it to the Mother Statue found somewhere safely. When the child is placed upon the arms of the statue, the door to the Eggplant World will open.


Eggplant World Geography S2.jpg

The Eggplant World will greet the player with the level feeling "You feel strangely at peace." The lowest level of the area is covered in a thick grey fog, similar to what appears when The Ghost spawns or when the player is inside of a level with the Restless Dead Level Feeling.

The level's geography consists of purple colored Water and pagoda-type structures with Sliding Walls occasionally attached, similar to what appears in Tide Pool. The only creatures that spawn naturally in the Eggplant World are Eggplups and Eggplant Ministers, who are both passive and cannot damage the player.

The Ghost will never spawn in the Eggplant World naturally.

Ghist Shopkeeper

Hidden behind a specific tile of a specific room of the level, there is an entrance to a Ghist Shopkeeper's store. It functions identically to the one found in 1-4 of the Dwelling, although the Clone Gun has a chance of dropping from one of the Presents instead of the Kapala. The player must be cursed to enter.

The Empress' Gravestone

The grave of the Empress can be found before Yama's Throne. Interacting with it will display the text "Here lies the Empress. May she finally find peace." A Diamond will always spawn in the tile just below the grave, and taking a picture of the grave with the Camera will cause The Ghost of the Empress to appear.

Yama's Throne


At the top of the level, the player will find the Eggplant King Yama on his throne. It is revealed that King Yama was canonically defeated in the original Spelunky HD adventure when Tina Flan threw an Eggplant at him.

As the player approaches, he will tell them "Every king or queen will someday lose their crown..."

Much like the original King Yama, the player may stand on his knees, shoulders, and the armrests of his throne. Yama has 1 HP and is vulnerable to all attacks.

Killing King Yama will prompt him to say "Eat your vegetables!" as he explodes into 10 pieces of Eggplant Flesh and the Eggplant Crown. The music in the Eggplant World will heavily slow down and distort after killing King Yama for the remainder of the time that the player spends there.

The level's exit can be found to the left or right of the Eggplant King.

Strategies for Reaching the Eggplant World

  • Kali will not award an Eggplant if she is angry at the player.
  • As Presents cannot be carried through levels, players will have to wait until both an Altar and a Present spawned on the same level.
  • Waddler can carry the Eggplant to the Ice Caves for the player if it was obtained before Olmec's Lair.
  • If the purple altar beside the Moai is destroyed, the Player will be unable to access the inside of the Moai, regardless of whether they have an Eggplant or not. Players should exercise caution when handing Promixity Mines or UFOs around the Moai and place the Eggplant upon the altar as soon as possible in order to avoid a potential disaster where it is destroyed and the player cannot open the Moai.
  • The player does not have to bring the Eggplant Child with them. If the Eggplant Child was awoken within the Moai, it will always teleport to the next level once the player exits the current one. Because of this, the player may let the Eggplant Child sleep at the beginning of the level while they progress through it.
    • As the child will only sleep for two minutes, slower players may not have enough time to safely complete tasks in Neo Babylon before it wakes up and puts itself in danger. If the player is not comfortable with leaving the child behind at the entrance, they may take the child with them, as they will allow the player to hold them for two minutes before jumping off.
    • Ensure that a sleeping Eggplant Child is far away from traps or monsters that they may wish to attack.
    • The Ghost will kill the Eggplant Child if given the chance.
  • If one intends to obtain the Arrow of Light and Hou Yi's Bow from Waddler to reach the Cosmic Ocean, it is recommended to make great haste through 7-1 of the Sunken City, as they will not have much time to complete the Sun Challenge, retrieve Hou Yi's Bow, and open the door to the Eggplant World.


  • Dying in the Eggplant World will give the player a special death message; "As I sank into the eggplants, a feeling of calm washed over me..."
  • The canonical story of Tina Flan defeating King Yama by throwing an Eggplant at him in Spelunky HD is a direct reference to the first ever solo eggplant run performed in Spelunky HD by Bananasaurus Rex, who was playing as Tina Flan for the run. The run can be seen here.


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