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Eggplant King is an NPC in Spelunky 2.


The Eggplant King has 1 HP and cannot damage the player. He sits unmoving on his throne, speaking to the player if approached. The armrests on his throne, as well as his knees and shoulder pads can be stood on.

Damaging the Eggplant King's head will kill him, exploding into 10 pieces of Giant Food (Giant Food Link S2.png), which heal the player for 10 HP when touched. He also drops the Eggplant Crown.

The Eggplant King is also immune to fire damage, although this serves more of a purpose in lore rather than in gameplay.


  • Eggplant King Link S2.png"Every king and queen will someday lose their crown..." - Approaching the Eggplant King.
  • Eggplant King Dead S2.png"Eat your vegetables!" - Defeating the Eggplant King.
  • Eggplant King Dead S2.png"Ah, you came to finish the job!" - Defeating the Eggplant King, if playing as Tina Flan.


  • The Eggplant King is a humbled King Yama from Spelunky HD, being internally referred to as "Yama".
    • This is reflected in his immunity to fire damage, having previously been the ruler of Hell.
    • Tina Flan's journal entry states that she had defeated him by throwing an Eggplant at him.
    • According to the Journal entry of the Eggplant Minister, Yama hasn't given a single order to his followers since he was defeated.
    • The Eggplant King's original form also makes some brief cameos in Volcana and Arena. Magma pots held by Imps contain the former King's face on them, and his face can also be found alongside his former guardians Horse Head and Ox Face in the deathmatch screen between matches.
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