The Eggplant Crown is a secret item obtained in the Eggplant World. It is one of the most difficult items to attain in a Spelunky 2 run. It is a guaranteed drop from the Eggplant King, alongside numerous chunks of Eggplant Flesh.


The crown replaces your ability to whip for the ability to toss Eggplants, which do 1 damage of health per Eggplant.

The ability to toss Eggplants is exactly identical to how it would be throwing an actual Eggplant item, with the only difference being that the bearer has an infinite amount of them, automatically summoned and thrown once the player attempts to whip.

Having the Eggplant Crown in your possession also changes the name of the constellation that the Cosmic Ocean produces after reaching 7-99, changing the first word to Solanum.

Tips & Tricks

  • Although reaching the Cosmic Ocean and attaining the Eggplant Crown in the same run may be difficult, it is extremely rewarding with its infinite Eggplant-throwing potential.
  • The Pitcher's Mitt affects the thrown Eggplants, greatly increasing accuracy.
    • Players should be cautious not to throw Eggplants in a straight line into open space in the Cosmic Ocean, as it may wrap around the level and hit them from behind.
  • The Eggplant Crown is great for disarming Arrow Traps in the Sunken City, dispatching ranged threats with ease, or quickly defeating high health stunned enemies.
  • Note that the player will not be able to use the whip after collecting the crown, which may prove to be slightly disadvantageous in the Sunken City as they can no longer perform "backwhipping", but is worth the massive benefits it can later give in the Cosmic Ocean.
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