Eggplant Child (2)

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The Eggplant Child is a secret NPC in Spelunky 2.


Within the Ice Caves, a Moai can be found with a purple stained altar beside it. Placing an Eggplant upon the altar opens the Moai, containing a sleeping Eggplant Chlid inside.

The Eggplant Child behaves identically to a Hired Hand with max trust. As it has full trust, they allow the player to hold them for 2 minutes and instantly go to sleep for 2 minutes when put down.

Letting a living Eggplant Child rest in the hands of the Mother Statue in the first level of Sunken City opens the door to Eggplant World beside it.


  • As the Eggplant Child has the exact same AI as a Hired Hand, it tries to attack nearby hostiles and pick up nearby items and treasure. In the case of a nearby enemy, it will wake up from its sleep to attack them, even if there is a wall, floor, or ceiling separating them.
    • This also means that it instantly teleports to the next level when the player exits, regardless of its location.
    • As it will sleep for two minutes, the player must pay attention to their elapsed time if they plan to leave them asleep at the level's entrance.
    • While escorting the child through Neo Babylon, it may be prudent to carry them into and leave them in either the Ushabti room or Madame Tusk's Palace of Pleasure (provided that the player is a VIP and allowed to enter), if the player believes that they will not be able to complete the level in time before the child wakes up.


  • Spelunky creator Derek Yu has stated that the journey to escort the Eggplant Child safely to the Mother Statue is a metaphor for parenthood. This is reinforced by the name of the achievement given after waking up the Eggplant Child, "Parenthood".
    • By extension, the way an Eggplant must be carefully escorted to the Ice Caves can be synonymized with caring for an infant.
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