The Eggplant Child is a secret character within the Moai of The Ice Caves in Spelunky 2.


In order to reach the Eggplant Child, one must bring an Eggplant to the Moai in The Ice Caves. Next to the Moai will be an Eggplant Altar. If the player drops the Eggplant there, the Moai will open, leading the way to the Eggplant Child.

Every time you enter a level, the Eggplant Child will follow you like a Hired Hand. If you pick them up and place them down in a safe area, they will sleep until you get to the next level.

If a Spelunker makes it to the Sunken City with the Eggplant Child safe and sound, they can find the Mother Statue and put the Eggplant Child into her arms. Doing this will open the door to Eggplant World, where one may encounter the Eggplant King, who drops 10 Eggplant Flesh and the Eggplant Crown.

Guy Spelunky after placing the Eggplant on the Eggplant Altar, opening the way to the Eggplant Child.

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