Separated from their mother, they miss her dearly. The embodiment of curiosity and creative potential.

How to find it

To find the Eggplant child you need to bring a Eggplant from Kali´s altar. you need to bring the eggplant to 5-1. There you can find a rock with a puple liquid. Drop the eggplant there and you´ll open a secret door where the eggplant child sleeps. Everytime you enter a level, the Eggplant Child will follow you, but if you bring him to a safe area, he will sleep until you get to the next level.

When you get to 7-1, you´ll need to find a statue of a woman and put the Eggplant Child, after that, a door will open and you´ll get to the Eggplant World, there you can find the Eggplant King. If you kill him, he will give you a eggplant jelly that heals 10 points of life and the Eggplant crown.

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