A full level of the Dwelling.

Dwelling is the first area in Spelunky 2, accessible by using the main doorway in the Entrance Cave. The Dwelling consists of 4 levels, ending in a choice between proceeding on to the Jungle or the Volcana. Like in The Mines, 1-2 always contains a shop of some kind. 1-4 always contains Quilback's lair, followed by two level exits. the leftmost exit will lead to the Jungle, while the rightmost one will lead to the Volcana.


The Dwelling normally consists of fairly narrow passageways leading through somewhat smooth terrain. Gold and jewels can be found in the walls if they are destroyed, with bombs, a mattock, or otherwise. The Dwelling contains many ladders and man-made structures with treasure chests inside. There are various pushable blocks and many spider webs, and the terrain is dotted with Totem Traps, Arrow Traps and Spike Pits.

Notable Features

1-1: Nothing

Despite 1-1 being a standard level, no special landmarks will ever spawn it, such as Shops, Altars, or even Golden Idol Log Traps, as it is the first level in the game. The only items that are guaranteed to spawn on 1-1 are the Curse Pot and a Pet.

1-2/1-3: Udjat Eye, Yang's Pen

Udjat Eye

On 1-2 or 1-3, there will be an entrance to a room with a locked chest. It can only be opened with a yellow key, which will always be somewhere on the same level you find the chest. The Big Chest will always contain the Udjat Eye, an important object later in Volcana or the Jungle, as it can lead the player to those world's respective hidden area.

Yang's Pen

Yang's son, Yang, can also be found on 1-2 or 1-3, but never on the same level as the Big Chest. In this level, two Cave Turkeys are guaranteed to spawn, as the player has the option to deliver them to Yang by dropping them inside of his pen. Once done, Yang will reward the player by giving them a key into their treasure room, usually containing general treasure, chests, and sometimes crates.

Alternately, if there is a source of fire on hand, especially on a darkened level, the player may cook the turkeys, which provide 1 HP each.

1-4: Quillback, Ghist Shop


On 1-4, the player can find a large arena with the leader of the cavemen, Quillback waiting for them. Using his rolling attack, the player can progress to the bottom of the level, where they find two doors; the door on the left leads to the Jungle, while the door on the right leads to Volcana. Alto Singh's coffin is also found under Quillback's arena near either entrance.

Ghist Shop

Under Quillback's arena there will be a hidden Ghist Shop with the Ghist Shopkeeper. He sells Mystery Boxes which cost $20,000 each and contain items from a guaranteed category. The shop can only be accessed when the player is cursed.




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