Entering Duat by sacrificing oneself on the altar in the City of Gold.

The Duat is a mysterious realm of the dead only accessible by sacrificing oneself on the altar in The City of Gold with the Ankh in the inventory of the sacrificed player. Here one battles the god Osiris and his resurrected son Anubis II, to obtain the Tablet of Destiny and reach the Ice Caves. The Duat parallels Tide Pool's Abzu, the only other location where one can get their hands on the Tablet.


Duat, like the Sunken City, is a "reverse" level, where you spawn at the bottom row, and must climb to the top, avoiding various enemies.

As the Duat is only location that can have no wall, Rope may not activate, as there are a lot of tiles that have no solid background they can hold to.

Throughout the Duat, a player will encounter numerous Snakes, Cobras, and Ammit. Occasional pockets of lava can appear throughout, though like all other lava outside of Volcana do not produce Magmars.

A Spelunker indirectly dying at the hands of Apep, when it triggers lava to fall onto them by passing through.

The Egyptian god of chaos, Apep, passes through the level frequently. Making contact with its body will deal two damage and stun a player, while being hit by its head will kill a Spelunker instantly. Apep will repeatedly appear in only two sections of the map; one being some point near the halfway point through the level, and another being just below the top of the level before the boss battle.

A Kali altar will always spawn, and depending on the player's favor, will have a certain item on it.

Altar rewards
Favor Reward
7 or less Nothing
8-15 Cooked Turkey
16-23 Bomb Bag
24-31 Bomb Box
32 and above Power Pack

Unlike other secret zones, there is no unlockable character here.

The Ghost will never spawn in the Duat, and neither will an angered Tun or Shopkeeper.

At the top of the Duat, the judge of souls, Osiris will appear. If he is not killed immediately, Anubis II will spawn a few seconds after Osiris does. Killing Osiris will cause him to explode into emeralds, and leave behind the Tablet of Destiny and a portal to the Ice Caves.



  • The Duat is generally considered much harder than Abzu is in terms of obtaining the Tablet of Destiny and general difficulty. Players looking to go far in their runs will typically go to Abzu instead for this reason.
    • Unlike Abzu, the Duat requires the Ankh to access, with no way to retain it.
      • Needing the use the Ankh also means that the player will always start this level at 4 HP and no back item (eg; Vlad's Cape), adding to the difficulty.
    • While Abzu's Kingu fight is trivialized with Excalibur, a weapon that is always guaranteed to spawn while passing through Tide Pool, Duat's fight with Osiris and Anubis II is can still be incredibly difficult, even when the player is lucky enough to have enough Bombs and Bomb Paste in their inventory.
    • The difficulty divide between Abzu and the Duat is only a part of a larger one, comparing Tide Pool and Temple of Anubis, with the latter typically being regarded as much harder with a worse payout.
  • If one wishes to reach the Duat, but only has 1 HP and cannot afford to take fall damage to sacrifice themselves on the altar in The City of Gold, a Leprechaun can be used to stun the player into the altar. Dropping from a great height onto the altar with 1 HP will be considered as a death caused by fall damage, and not a sacrifice.
    • Sacrificing yourself on the Altar will also cause you to leave behind any back item you had on, such as a Cape or Jetpack. If the player obtained a pack item prior, or in, Olmec's Lair and wants to keep the item for after the Duat, they can leave it in the hands of Waddler, and retrieve it from him in the Ice Caves.
  • Make sure to ascend slowly, or risk meeting a grizzly fate at the hands of Apep. Apep will only stay in one horizontal section of the screen and only appears in two different areas in the entire level, meaning they can become easily predictable after his first appearance.
    • Apep is guaranteed to be constantly appearing just below the boss arena, making retreat a difficult option during the battle.
  • The player can take as much time as they need completing the level, as they do not need to worry about The Ghost.
  • Bomb Paste is arguably the most important item in this level. With it, all that a player will have to do to defeat Osiris is throw 4 paste bombs in his face, a method fast enough to even deny Anubis II from spawning.
    • If a player has Paste, it is recommended that they advance their favor with Kali into the 24-31 range. This will let the player obtain a valuable bomb box from the Kali altar for the fight at the top of the Duat.
      • At this level of favor, the player should also have the Kapala, meaning they can also use the Snakes, Cobras, and Ammit to farm blood for health before the battle.
      • If a player does not have Paste, they should advance their favor to 32 and above. The power pack from the altar will be useful for the Osiris fight with it's upgrades to the Whip and Bombs.
  • When defeating Osiris, take caution to collect the Tablet of Destiny as soon as possible, as depending on where he dies, the Tablet may drop into a dangerous spot where it is difficult to recover or even into lava where it is near irretrievable.


The Duat is the realm of the dead in ancient Egyptian mythology. The sun god, Ra, would battle Apep, who embodied the primordial chaos that the sun had to defeat to rise in the morning. Oddly enough, the correct way to refer to the realm in a sentence is not as "Duat", but "the Duat."

Ushabti can be commonly associated with the Duat, as they are intended to be servants for the dead in the afterlife.

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