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Dice are an item in Spelunky 2.


Dice are used as part of the dice minigame in Dice Houses ran by either Shopkeeper Link S2.png Shopkeepers or by Madame Tusk Link S2.png Madame Tusk in Tide Pool. When a dice is thrown, it will land with a different number on the front. This is used as part of the minigame in Dice Houses, where the player rolls two dice, and receives varying results for what number they add up to.

There is a trick to dice, where if they are whipped midair, they will always roll a 1 or a 6. This can be used to more easily roll 7s to earn prizes at a Dice House, or guarantee certain rewards at an altar, as each die will have an equal chance to roll either number.

Sacrificing two dice together at an altar will give the player a reward, varying with what the number added up to.

Dice Kali Altar Rewards
Dice Total Reward
2 Snake Link S2.png Snake
3 Diamond Link S2.png Diamond
4 Telepack Link S2.png Telepack
5 Spectacles Link S2.png Spectacles
6 Rope Pile Link S2.png Rope Pile
7 Machete Link S2.png Machete
8 Webgun Link S2.png Webgun
9 Cooked Turkey Link S2.png Cooked Turkey
10 Climbing Gloves Link S2.png Climbing Gloves
11 Vampire Link S2.png Vampire
12 Hired Hand Link S2.png Hired Hand

A common dice trick used to more easily roll 7's. This does not work with Pitcher's Mitt.


  • It was possible to pick up a die while it was still rolling midair. Since this is technically a different item, it forever rolled in the player's hand until put down. This was fixed in version 1.20.4a.
  • Receiving a Snake from offering two dice with a combined value of 2 is an obvious nod to the term "Snake Eyes", referring to said value on a dice.
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