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There are hundreds of lines of dialogue found in Spelunky 2. Most are seen when inside of a Shop or speaking to another Spelunker in the Camp.

Intro Dialogue

After the game's intro plays, three random lines of dialogue display over a black screen, representing Ana Spelunky's thoughts.

Line 1

  • Still dizzy from my arrival,
  • Putting the faded photo in my pocket,
  • Pushing aside my fears,
  • After going over my plan one last time,
  • My heart pounding in my chest,
  • With my memories of Earth already fading,
  • With my mind already made up,
  • Uncertain whether I was ready,
  • With Fortune smiling down on me,

Line 2

  • I gripped the rope tightly,
  • I took a deep breath,
  • I pulled out my torch,
  • I called out to Monty,
  • I took one last look at the stars,
  • I thought of Mom and Dad,
  • I whispered something now forgotten,
  • I closed my eyes,
  • I gave thanks to my ancestors,

Line 3

  • And descended into the darkness.
  • And wondered if I'd ever see them again.
  • And felt a cold chill rising from below.
  • And ventured into the unknown.
  • And felt excited for the upcoming adventure.
  • And vowed to return alive.
  • And then swore I heard voices coming from below. (May be alluding to Tiamat)
  • And that's when it all started.
  • And felt a wave of calm wash over me.

Camp Dialogue

When speaking to another Spelunker in the camp, they will tell the player something. Some Spelunkers have special dialogue depending on who the player is playing as.

Ana Spelunky

Ana InGame.png

  • I'm taking a break to catch up on my Summer reading list.
  • Monty's such a goober!
  • Don't you sometimes want to just scream? AHHHHHH!

Special Dialogue

  • (To Guy Spelunky) Dad... you look pretty tired, bro.
  • (To Tina Flan) Love you, Mom!
  • (To Margaret Tunnel) Margaret, I'm soooooo glad you're here with me.
  • (To Colin Northward) Ooh, Colin... I got another idea on how to improve my space ship!
  • (To Princess Airyn) Can I visit you in Heliotropolis after this, Airyn?

Margaret Tunnel

Margaret InGame.png

  • My mom always tells me to slow down so I don't miss things.
  • It's nice we have a swimming pool... but I miss the ocean!
  • I should check in on Ana and see how she's doing!

Special Dialogue

  • (To Ana Spelunky) I can't believe we're actually here!
  • (To Manfred Tunnel) Hey, Pops! Love ya!
  • (To Roffy D. Sloth)You're so chill, Roffy!
  • (To Coco Von Diamonds) Oh my gosh, Pearl is so cute. Can I pet her?
  • (To Au) Ah, you're so SHINY!!!

Colin Northward

Colin InGame.png

  • We call the time loop Olmec's Curse, but its true origin may be something else...
  • I guess you could say that Olmec brought us all together!
  • You might want to stay back. I think I'm coming down with something.

Special Dialogue

  • (To Ana Spelunky)You did a good job with that space ship!
  • (To Guy Spelunky) I'm glad you and Ana are finally reunited!
  • (To Tina Flan) Ana's a real natural at this stuff... you should be proud!
  • (To Pilot) Pilot, you must tell me more about how your UFO works.
  • (To LISE Project) Who did you say built you, LISE? Your technology is very advanced!

Roffy D. Sloth

Roffy InGame.png

  • I'm doin' good... how, um, are you?
  • (Yawn) Sorry, I only got 10 hours of sleep last night...
  • Cool, yeah... nice.

Special Dialogue

  • (To Liz Mutton) Do you prefer Liz or Elizabeth? I keep forgetting...
  • (To Colin Northward) I wish... I could grow a beard like yours, Colin.
  • (To Valerie Crump) Hey, Val! I've been listening to Jane Papaya again. Such a great album.
  • (To Margaret Tunnel) You're a pirate, huh? That's... really cool.

Alto Singh

Alto InGame.png

  • The key to my success? Staying hydrated.
  • Practice makes progress!
  • No matter what, I always get 10 hours of sleep a night.

Special Dialogue

  • (To Ana Spelunky) Ana, I spent a lot of time spelunking with your parents. You've got your own style... keep it up!
  • (To Roffy D. Sloth) Heya, Roff! What's your secret for staying so relaxed? Do you meditate?
  • (To Little Jay) You got spirit, Jay. You're already a star in my book!
  • (To Dirk Yamaoka) You gotta teach me some ninja skills, Dirk!
  • (To Liz Mutton) Liz! What muscle groups are you targeting these days?.

Liz Mutton

Liz InGame.png

  • Oh, hey there. How's it going.
  • Just taking a little breather.
  • Sorry, I'm a bit busy right now...

Special Dialogue

  • (To Margaret Tunnel) Margaret, you're a good swimmer. Can you give me some lessons at the pool?
  • (To Colin Northward) You've updated your look, Colin. I like it!
  • (To Little Jay) Oh, you want my autograph? I'll... think about it.
  • (To Alto Singh) Hi, Alto. Do you know a good stretch for sore legs?

Nekka the Eagle

Nekka InGame.png

  • Deathmatch is a good way to settle an argument.
  • [Name of player character]. I admire your courage.
  • Every day I promise myself to make it a little farther than the day before.

Special Dialogue

  • (To Pilot) In all your travels, have you ever come across a place such as this?
  • (To Princess Airyn) Your clothes look rather... cumbersome!
  • (To Dirk Yamaoka) Dirk... you also come from a warrior clan, yes?

LISE Project

LISE InGame.png

  • Something is preventing my sensors from working properly.
  • Every run I do improves my neural network!
  • Calculating the chance of victory on your next run... it's [random percentage]!

Special Dialogue

  • (To Colin Northward) Colin, can you calibrate my sensors when you have a chance?
  • (To Valerie Crump) Valerie, can we listen to music together? I'd love to add more albums to my database.
  • (To Princess Airyn) Airyn, I'd love to learn more about sweets! My favorite food is lollipops...

Coco Von Diamonds

Coco InGame.png

  • I love anything that sparkles!
  • Oh, don't worry, Pearl doesn't bite... very often.
  • I spoiled Demi too as a little girl, but she's turned out just fine!

Special Dialogue

  • (To Demi Von Diamonds) How are you, darling!
  • (To Roffy D. Sloth) Roffy, I think you'd be the perfect model for my new line of menswear!
  • (To Colin Northward) We could use a brilliant mind like yours at Von Diamonds Incorporated!
  • (To Princess Airyn) Princess, I'd love to design some dresses for you after this is all over!
  • (To Au) Your skin positively glows, Au! You should be on the cover of a magazine!

Manfred Tunnel

Manfred InGame.png

  • I miss my shovel... but at least I know she's in good hands!
  • People say dig yourself into a hole like it's a bad thing!
  • Margaret prefers the open sea to caves, but she couldn't resist this adventure.

Special Dialogue

  • (To Margaret Tunnel) Hey, M! How have your runs been going?
  • (To Guy Spelunky) Couldn't let you have all the fun, old man! Ha!
  • (To Ana Spelunky) Hey, it's A Plus! You and Margaret make a great team.
  • (To Tina Flan) Never thought our next family get together would be on the MOON! HAHA!

Little Jay

Jay InGame.png

  • Maybe some day they'll make a video game about me!
  • I don't know if I'll ever get used to falling on spikes...
  • Wanna see my item tier list?

Special Dialogue

  • (To Ana Spelunky) I read all about your mom and dad's adventures!
  • (To Tina Flan) THE Tina Flan?! Did you really throw an eggplant at King Yama?!
  • (To Guy Spelunky) Whoa, Guy Spelunky?! You know I'm your biggest fan, right!
  • (To Classic Guy) Oh! You look like the games my dad used to play.
  • (To Valerie Crump) Hi, Valerie! Gotten any highscores lately?

Tina Flan

Tina InGame.png

  • Being here makes me feel young again!
  • I could use a nice cup of tea right about now.
  • Guy says he's scared to fight me in Deathmatch!

Special Dialogue

  • (To Ana Spelunky) Hey, sweetie! Do you need a snack?
  • (To Guy Spelunky) I can't help but worry about Ana being here...
  • (To Margaret Tunnel) Margaret, your mom has told me so much about your adventures!
  • (To Classic Guy) You're actually kinda cute!

Valerie Crump

Valerie InGame.png

  • I'm listening to the latest album by Phlogiston!
  • What kind of music do you like?
  • (She seems lost in her own little world.)

Special Dialogue

  • (To Ana Spelunky) Ana, can I hang out with you and Margaret some time?
  • (To Little Jay) Some day I'd like to try making my own video game!
  • (To Demi Von Diamonds) Oh, uh... hi, Demi! Um, you're so cool!


Au InGame.png

  • Life has meaning in the things that mean something to us.
  • I can see you've learned a lot since you began this journey.
  • Good friendships are like stars... their light shines on us even from afar.

Special Dialogue

  • (To LISE Project) LISE, I wish you well on your journey of discovery.
  • (To Manfred Tunnel) Manfred, my old friend. It shows a lot of courage to try something new.
  • (To Alto Singh) Alto, my old friend. Your exuberance keeps everyone's spirits high.

Demi Von Diamonds

Demi InGame.png

  • I wasn't always a fan of adventuring... it grew on me!
  • I'm getting a bit tired of camp food, to be honest.
  • Everyone's so supportive down here! It's great!

Special Dialogue

  • (To Coco Von Diamonds) I can't believe you brought Pearl here, Mom...
  • (To Guy Spelunky) Have you talked to Yang lately? If only he could see me now!
  • (To Dirk Yamaoka) Dirk, you're so mysterious! I'd love to get to know you better...
  • (To Nekka the Eagle) You're so strong, Nekka! Let's co-op some time?


Pilot InGame.png

  • Isabell would enjoy this place. Lots of treasure.
  • I wonder how my dear Campanella is doing.
  • The gravity on Zoldath is much stronger.

Special Dialogue

  • (To Demi Von Diamonds) You remind me of my sister Isabell.
  • (To LISE Project) LISE, I'd be interested in seeing any data you've collected about Zoldath.
  • (To Au) I've never met a golden man before.

Princess Airyn

Airyn InGame.png

  • Those axolotls are so cute, aren't they?
  • I'm used to running around in a dress!
  • I can't wait to eat some more royal jelly!

Special Dialogue

  • (To Dirk Yamaoka) I've never met a real ninja before! How exciting!
  • (To Valerie Crump) Val! We should throw a party, don't you think?

Dirk Yamaoka

Dirk InGame.png

  • My sister is the black sheep of our family... but I still care about her.
  • I'm having trouble sleeping, so I'm doing exercise.
  • A ninja must be able to adapt to any situation.

Special Dialogue

  • (To Princess Airyn) Your Majesty! Let me know if I can be of service to you.
  • (To Nekka the Eagle) Your warrior spirit is very inspiring. Can we train together some time?

Guy Spelunky

Guy InGame.png

  • Whew, I'm not as nimble as I used to be.
  • To think that there's more than one Olmec in the universe!
  • Maybe this will be my last adventure... but maybe not!

Special Dialogue

  • (To Ana Spelunky) I'm so proud of you, kiddo!
  • (To Manfred Tunnel) Hard to believe we're all here together, Manny.
  • (To Tina Flan) Hi, sweetheart! Life is crazy, huh?
  • (To Colin Northward) Thanks for helping Ana get to the Moon safely. We owe you one!
  • (To Classic Guy) Now that is just weird!

Classic Guy

Classic InGame.png

  • ...
  • ...!
  • ...?

Special Dialogue

Other Camp Dialogue

Characters also have generic lines that anybody may say. There are two types of personalities; Enthusiastic and Direct. Each character has their own assigned personality.

Enthusiastic Personality Dialogue

  • How are your runs going, [Name of Player Spelunker]?
  • I did some co-op runs with [Name of Random Spelunker]... it was a lot of fun!
  • Yay, I think my practice is finally paying off!
  • Which items are underrated? Personally, I like finding [Random Item].
  • I hate when a promising run gets ended by [Random Cause of Death]!
  • Argh, [Random Cause of Death] got me again! I need to take a break.
  • I found [Random Item] in a crate, but then [Random Cause of Death] killed me!
  • Ugh, I can't believe I got [Random Effect] last run...
  • [Name of Random Spelunker] died to [Random Cause of Death], too. So I'm not alone!
  • I'm glad we get to hang out so much, [Name of Player Spelunker]!

Direct Personality Dialogue

  • I hope you're taking care of yourself, [Name of Player Spelunker].
  • I've been training in the Arena. Maybe I'll see you there some time?
  • My last run showed improvement.
  • When I get [Random Item], I know I'm going to have a good run.
  • My last run was going well until [Random Cause of Death] killed me.
  • I died to [Random Cause of Death] again. I think I'm in a slump.
  • [Name of Player Spelunker], when you see [Random Item] at a shop, do you buy it?
  • I keep getting [Random Effect]. Need to be more careful.
  • [Random Spelunker] has been making good progress. I should ask them for tips.
  • Nice to have you here, [Name of Player Spelunker].

Some lines of dialogue mention a cause of death, an effect, or a certain item.

Possible Causes of Death

Possible Inflicted Effects

Possible Mentioned Items

Tutorial Host Dialogue

One character will always be in the tutorial room, hosting the tutorial speedrun.

Talking to the Tutorial Host for the first time:

  • Want to try racing the tutorial? Just talk to me again.

Talking to the Host again:

  • Alright! I'll start timing you when you pass me!

Passing the Host after talking to them a second time:

  • GO!

Leaving the Tutorial Area while the Speedrun is active:

  • Hey, where are you going?

Finishing the Tutorial Speedrun:

  • FINISH! Your time is [Time spent completing run]! Good attempt./A new record!

Talking to Tutorial Host after completing the speedrun if Alto Singh is the Host:

  • My best time is 30 seconds. Can you beat it?


Attempting to talk to a spelunker who is asleep:

  • They're sleeping soundly.

Talking to any character after winning a run:

  • Congratulations!

Talking to any character after reaching a new depth in the caves:

  • I heard you made progress on your last run!

Attacking or throwing a character:

  • Hey!
  • WHOA!
  • Yikes!

Note that Classic Guy will simply say one of his normal lines of dialogue regardless.