Curse is arguably the most detrimental effect that can be inflicted on a Spelunker, as it can be obtained through a simple mistake that can end a run quickly.


How to Obtain

Curse is obtained through four known means:

  1. Making contact with the floating skull which surrounds a Witch Doctor.
  2. Being hit by a cursed gale from a Cat Mummy.
  3. Destroying a Kali Altar three times.
  4. Being hit by a thrown/falling Curse Pot, or being launched into one.

Curse can be applied to non player entities through either methods 2 or 4.


Although Curse is generally considered a massive debuff, it still has its uses.

Negative Effects

  1. Leaves an entity with 1 HP
  2. Disables ALL healing, even from Royal Jelly, Pets, Cooked Turkeys, and Eggplant Flesh.

Positive Effects

  1. Allows a player to enter the Ghist Shopkeeper's shop.
  2. Lets spelunkers see Ghists.
  3. Will make Beg give a player the True Crown upon their second encounter.

How to Cure

There are multiple ways for a Spelunker to cure curse in Spelunky 2. Below is a list of the ONLY ways to cure oneself of curse:

  • Drinking an Elixir gained from the Stars Challenge in Temple of Anubis (Doing the Stars Challenge in Tide Pool will reward you with the Clone Gun instead).
  • Standing over a Kali Altar while giving her enough points for her to produce a reward.
    • This can only be done after the initial reward for 8 favor points.
    • Doing this will replace the reward Kali would normally give you (eg; after reaching 16 favor, Kali will uncurse you instead of awarding the Kapala.).
      • If the Kapala is replaced in order to uncurse the player, it will be given to the player as the next reward.
  • Dying with the Ankh and reviving. This will remove any status effects and set you at 4 HP.
  • Dying in Co-op and having a fellow player revive you by breaking open a Coffin.

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