A custom level showing a use for damsel bombs. Note that dropping down to the lower level to throw a bomb at the shopkeepers would probably be fatal.

A damsel bomb is a nickname given to the unfortunate damsels who get sticky bombs attached to them. Damsel bombs can be treated as "walking time bombs" and can be useful to defeat enemies in places too dangerous for yourself, such as the end-level shopkeeper if your wanted level is high enough. Usually, it is a good idea to throw a lit bomb on a damsel at least half way through their knock-out. Otherwise, they may explode before they wake up.

Note that damsel bombs are useful only in very specific situations, and require you to kill a damsel that could otherwise be rescued or sacrificed.

Also note that if you're holding a damsel and throw a sticky bomb with the quickthrow button ("A" by default), you'll create a damsel bomb in your own hands. This can be very dangerous.

How to make one

  • Step 1: Find a damsel
  • Step 2: Make sure you have one or more sticky bombs
  • Step 3: Pick up damsel, and drop her on the floor. Make sure she's facing the way you want her to run when she wakes up.
  • Step 4: Depending on how close the target is that you want to destroy, place a sticky bomb on the damsel. Usually, you should put this on before she wakes up, otherwise it might be hard.
  • Step 5: Epic explosions!
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