The Curse Pot, or "Ghost Pot", as it is better known, is a special pot that will spawn in every standard level. It is a gray moldy pot, with a face of despair engraved into it.


Curse Pots have the exact same durability as a regular Pot. Breaking a Curse Pot will always drop a single highly valuable diamond, but at the price of The Ghost immediately spawning.

If it is dropped on or thrown at an entity, or an entity is thrown at the Curse pot, it will Curse them, leaving them at 1 HP.

Some Curse Pots are guaranteed to spawn in specific locations throughout the caves in certain levels, in order to lower the risk of them being suddenly smashed:


  • Ghost Pots are one of the best sources of treasure in the early stages of the game, especially if one is wanting to hoard up money to spend in The Black Market.
    • In order to secure the valuable diamond while avoiding the wrath of The Ghost, players should leave it by the level exit, and only break it when they are finished with the level and ready to leave.
  • If necessary, the player should ensure the safety of the Curse Pot from other threats, such as projectiles and explosives.
  • Note that in the Sunken City, Fire Frogs may detonate from the many traps in the area, exploding the Curse Pot.
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