The Crysknife is a powerful melee weapon that kills any monster in a single hit.

The Crysknife replaces the whip for the rest of the run when it is found, and is the only weapon upgrade that does not need to be carried in the hands.

Despite its incredible offensive power, it may still be safer to attack enemies with ranged attacks to avoid getting too close to dangerous monsters.

It can hit stunned enemies, but will also destroy their corpses, meaning that you will need to avoid slashing at enemies you want to sacrifice.
You should also be careful near a Damsel, remembering that the arc of the swing also hits behind you.

The knife has no effect on Olmec, the Ghost, or Magma Men. Croc Men will avoid damage by teleporting away before you hit them.

Acquiring the Crysknife

The Crysknife can only be found near the bottom of the bonus Worm level inside a stomach-like structure filled with acid.

It can be dangerous to retrieve by diving into the pool, as spending too long in the acid will result in taking damage, and the pool is too deep to jump out of without using a rope. It's a good idea to throw a bomb into the pool, which will rupture the walls of the giant organ and cause the acid to drain out.


  • The Crysknife is a reference to the fictional weapon in the Dune universe. It is made from the crystal tooth of Shai'Hulud, the giant sandworms that live below the sands of the desert planet Arrakis.
    • The fact that Spelunky's Crysknife is not a held item means that it is not dropped if its owner is killed. This coincides with how unfixed crysknives in Dune dissolve when their owner dies or loses them. However, this is not the case in multiplayer where the Crysknife will drop along with all other items.
  • The Crysknife can kill King Yama in a single hit, leaving his hands intact.
  • The Crysknife cannot destroy a corpse which is being floated by the pink rays from the Scepter.

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