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The Crown, seen just below Vlad at the top of Vlad's Castle.

Sticker of the Crown seen in the Journal Run Recap

The Crown is a piece of royal headwear found in Spelunky 2. It is found on a statue at the top of Vlad's Castle. The Crown is the Volcana equivalent to Jungle's Hedjet.


The Crown causes Shopkeepers to treat Spelunkers as royalty, calling them "Your Highness" and offering a 50% discount for all items. This discount does not affect Dice House bet costs. Shopkeepers are not the only one who give this 50% discount; Caveman Shopkeepers, Yang, and the Ghist Shopkeeper all give the 50% discount as well. Tun and Madame Tusk do not give the discount.

Posessing the Hedjet or Crown adds the line "I was a king/queen." to the Journal's Run Recap. King/Queen is used depending on the Spelunker's gender.

The Crown's true purpose however, is for reaching Sunken City. It has a different use depending on which Area 4 the Spelunker goes to.

Use in Tide Pool

In Tide Pool 4-2, the bottom of the level features a large lake with an island at the center. The center of this island features Excalibur placed in an unbreakable stone. If the Spelunker has Hedjet or Crown, they can pull Excalibur from its stone and use it as a weapon.

Use in Temple of Anubis

In Temple of Anubis 4-1, Anubis can be found. When he is killed, he drops the Scepter. In 4-2, a locked golden door can be found. If the Spelunker, equipped with the Hedjet or Crown, takes the Scepter to the golden door, they will be permitted access to The City of Gold, which destroys the Scepter in the process.


Collecting the Hedjet or Crown awards the following Feat:

Divine Right S2.jpg
Divine Right
Obtain some royal headwear in a non-seeded run.
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