The Crossbow is a ranged Weapon in Spelunky 2. It can be bought from shops, and a favorite of many NPCs.


The Crossbow is a ranged weapon that shoots a single arrow. This Arrow will function as if it was thrown with a Pitcher's Mitt, flying unaffected by gravity. Arrows must be retrieved by the player to reload the weapon, which then happens automatically when walking near potential ammo while holding the Crossbow.

Crossbows come preloaded with steel arrows, but may also be loaded with standard stone arrows. The crossbow found in the Stars Challenge is always loaded with an arrow of stone, and is the only crossbow that has this property.

When a steel arrow fired from a crossbow comes into contact with a wall it will remain lodged for several seconds before falling down. It is also possible to load a regular arrow into crossbow, which do not stick into walls, instead bouncing away.

The crossbow does 2 damage by default, but the included steel arrow is capable of killing Vampires (and Vlad) in a single shot.

When the crossbow is used to fire the Arrow of Light, the crossbow will be destroyed. and the player will be stunned backward. The Arrow Of Light itself will simply bounce slightly forward.

Hou Yi's Bow functions identically to the crossbow, with the exception that it can properly fire the Arrow Of Light without breaking.

If the crossbow is not loaded, it may be thrown like a standard item.

Crossbows are the weapon of choice for many NPCs, and some of them will even tip their arrows with poison. Below is a list of every NPC who can be found using a crossbow for self defense:

Note that Tun has the special ability of magically spawning more poison-tipped steel arrows to fire if she needs to.

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