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Crocmen are an enemy in Spelunky 2.

They appear throughout both Temple of Anubis and The City of Gold.


Crocmen initially walk back and forth unless attacked or a spelunker gets in front of them and are within their line of sight. They leap forwards, jumping sporadically and rebounding off of walls and ceilings.

Spelunkers that make contact with a Crocman are bitten, losing 2 HP and being stunned backwards, functioning similarly to the throw of an angered NPC. This bite can be performed as many times as the spelunker gets in range of them, in some cases dealing massive damage to stunned victims with consecutive bites.

If a Crocman is hit, it teleports to avoid damage, in the same manner as the teleportation items that spelunkers utilize. After this teleport, there is a short window of about 2-3 seconds before they can teleport again, granting an opportunity to deal damage and stun them. Crocmen attacked by a fire-based attack, such as the flaming whip of a Powerpack or an explosive like a Bomb are stunned after teleporting, taking 1 damage.

With a 1/10 chance, Crocmen drop a Teleporter on death, and with a 1/100 chance, can drop a Telepack on death.

Crocmen are worth twice as much favor at a Kali Altar, being worth 4 favor when sacrificed live and 2 favor when offered dead.


  • It is recommended to avoid triggering Crocmen whenever possible, as their sporadic movement and extreme damage capability can easily lead to the spelunker's sudden and unfortunate death.
    • As Crocmen never trigger while they are not facing the spelunker, it is possible to sneak past by moving while their back is turned.
    • Sorceress daggers and Cobra spit can trigger Crocmen, regardless of interaction with the spelunker.
  • It is not recommended to throw items at or otherwise attack a Crocman from a certain distance when they are facing the spelunker, as this may cause them to teleport into the player, telefragging and killing them instantly.
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