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Croc Men are an incredibly dangerous enemy found in Temple of Anubis and The City of Gold, returning from the first game.


Croc Men initially walk back and forth before encountering a player. When the Croc Man is facing the player and they are within its attack range, it will start jumping around, moving unpredictably and sporadically towards the player.

If the Croc Man manages to get close enough to the player, it will bite them dealing two damage and stunning them backwards, akin to the throw of a Shopkeeper. They can perform this bite multiple times, potentially dealing massive damage in a single attack.

Dealing damage to a Croc Man will cause it to avoid the damage by teleporting, akin to how the Telepack automatically avoids damage for the player by activating. After this teleport, there is a short window before they can teleport again.

Croc Men attacked by a fire-based attack, such as the flaming whip of a Powerpack or an explosive like a Bomb will be stunned after teleporting and take 1 damage.

Croc Men are also worth twice as much favor at an Altar, being worth 4 favor when sacrificed live and 2 favor when offered dead.

In rare occasions, Croc Men drop a Teleporter on death, and in even rarer cases, will drop a Telepack on death.


  • It is recommended to avoid triggering Croc Men whenever possible, as their sporadic movement and extreme damage capability can easily lead to the player's death.
    • As Croc Men never trigger while they are not facing the player, it is highly recommended to wait for them to cycle around before attempting to move past them.
  • As a Croc Man's teleport is completely identical to that of the player's Teleporter, they should take into consideration it's many quirks, such as its ability to save the user if they teleport into a wall that is less than three blocks tall.
  • If one has no other choice but to face a Croc Man, they should have a plan to either cause him to telefrag himself into a wall or attack him immediately after it teleports in order to stun them.
    • It is not recommended to throw items at a Croc Man from a certain distance when they are facing the player, as this may cause them to teleport into the player, telefragging and killing them instantly.
    • If the player has a Powerpack, they may use its fire-imbued whip to stun Croc Men earlier and easily finish them off while they are stunned.
    • The Scepter is a dangerous tool against Croc Men, as their sudden teleport may catch the player off-guard and send the projectile flying in the direction of the player in an attempt to attack the Croc Man again.


Croc Men are tricky enemies uncommonly found in the Temple. They behave like Hawk Men, but will teleport to evade damage. Their teleportation ability is identical in form and function to the Spelunker using a Teleporter.

Croc Men always teleport the instant before they would take damage, so are impossible to harm directly and cannot be killed with conventional techniques.

If a Croc Man teleports into space occupied by another character, they will kill their unfortunate target instantly by telefragging. This even happens to enemies much stronger than the Croc Man, such as a Mummy or Anubis.


As Croc Men are capable of teleporting to evade most forms of attack, there are very few reliable methods of killing them, and due to their unpredictable nature, it is often better to simply avoid fighting them altogether.

Attacking a charging Croc Man presents a high risk that he will teleport directly into you, meaning that attacking from the front is extremely hazardous and should be avoided.

If necessary however, there are a few ways in which a problematic Croc Man may be killed.

  • Self-Telefragging - Just like the player teleporting recklessly into a wall, if a Croc Man teleports into space occupied by a solid block, he will be killed and the block will suffer no damage. This is the most common type of death and will often happen accidentally after a short period of time.
  • Freeze Ray - As the freezing blast of a Freeze Ray causes no immediate damage, it does not trigger the Croc Man's teleport ability. If the Croc Man is frozen in mid-air, the ice block will shatter when it hits the ground, killing the Croc Man. If the Croc Man is frozen while on the ground, attempting to shatter the ice block will cause the Croc Man to teleport away.
  • Crush Trap - Croc Men can also be killed by Crush Traps if the trap is triggered while their backs are turned.
  • Shield - It is also possible to crush a Croc Men with the Shield aganist a block.

Journal Entry

Croc Men killed by the environment aren't counted amongst your kills, so it can be tricky to add their entry to your journal.

To successfully acquire their journal entry, you must either kill one directly using the Shield or the Freeze Ray, or be killed by a Croc Man.

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