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Critters are the tiny harmless creatures that can be seen in many different places in the caves.

They can be picked up and thrown like light objects, but don't cause any damage to enemies. Unlike critters in Spelunky HD, they do not trigger Traps and cannot be used to protect the player from Arrows, but can cause a Powder Box to explode if thrown at one.

Stepping on a critter or otherwise damaging them will kill them, leaving behind a single drop of blood, or two with Vlad's Cape.

Types of Critters

Dung Beetles appear in the Dwelling. They initially crawl along the ground and roll up a ball of dung. If picked up or ran past, they will be forced to create another ball. If a Horned Lizard gets near one, they will be swiftly consumed by the lizard
Butterflies appear in the Jungle and the door leading to it in 1-4 of the Dwelling. They are small, Monarch Butterflies that do nothing but simply flutter around occasionally landing on climbable vines. Butterflies have a small chance of being substantially larger than usual.
Magma Snails appear along the walls of Volcana and the door leading to it in 1-4 of the Dwelling. They will inch their way around the floors, walls, and ceilings of the area. They will hide in their shell if the player runs by, and are immune to both fire damage and lava.
Crabs appear in Tide Pool and the door leading to it in Olmec's Lair. They will move left and right along where they are, and multiple crabs are left behind upon killing a Pangxie.
Blue Crabs are an ultra rare variant of Crabs, having a very rare chance of replacing a red variant. The only difference a blue crab has is its coloration and excessive rarity.
Moorish Idols are tropical fish that appear in pools of water in Tide Pool. They simply swim around.
Schools of Anchovies also appear in pools of water in Tide Pool. They do not interact with the rest of the world in any fashion.
Desert Locusts are found in Temple of Anubis and the door leading to it in Olmec's Lair. They will hop around aimlessly and make a loud buzzing sound whenever they jump. There is an incredibly rare chance that Locusts will completely and utterly swarm Temple levels with massive numbers. When thrown upwards, they will fly much further than other critters/objects.
Penguins are small, loveable creatures found in the Ice Caves. They waddle around aimlessly. They will occasionally hop upwards, which will cause them to either jump off of ledges or slide down ice once they make it back to the ground.
Fireflies are found in the Ice Caves. They fly around aimlessly, occasionally stopping to glow. They are responsible for the loud, harmonica like sound heard throughout the level.
Drones are found in Neo Babylon. They fly around monitoring the area. If damaged, they will crash down similar to how a UFO does, but does not create any harmful explosion or aftermath. They are the only critter that does not leave behind blood. They can be picked up, but only when very close to the ground.
Slimes are found within the Sunken City. They do nothing but crawl around the floors, walls and ceilings of the area, much like Magma Snails.


  • Critters will appear in the camp after the player completes certain areas for the first time. For example, surviving Volcana for the first time will prompt magma snails to spawn in the camp.
    • Critters will occasionally also spawn from broken pots within the camp.
  • The incredibly rare chance for desert locusts to overwhelm levels in Temple of Anubis is a reference to the real life phenomenon of locust plagues, where billions of locusts may coalesce into massive swarms. Desert locust swarms have been responsible for the loss of tens of thousands of hectares of crops and grazing land in Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia, an amount of biblical proportions.
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