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Crates are an item in Spelunky HD.
They can be found randomly generated in any area of the caves, specifically in small alcoves, surrounded by at least three other tiles. When they are damaged or opened (by pressing up + action while holding one), they are destroyed and leave a randomly selected item in their place.


Crates contain various types of items, and most commonly contain Bombs or Ropes. More useful items, such as Jetpacks, are significantly rarer.

The contents of a crate are pre-determined at random with the start of the run, as they are part of the cave's generation seed.

Item Chance
Bomb Bag HD.png Bomb Bag 34.30%
Rope Pile HD.png Rope Pile 34.30%
Parachute HD.png Parachute 7.62%
Compass HD.png Compass 4.01%
Machete HD.png Machete 2.11%
Bomb Box HD.png Bomb Box 2.06%
Paste HD.png Paste 1.50%
Spring Shoes HD.png Spring Shoes 1.48%
Spike Shoes HD.png Spike Shoes 1.45%
Boomerang HD.png Boomerang 1.43%
Web Gun HD.png Web Gun 1.17%
Camera HD.png Camera 1.16%
Pitcher's Mitt HD.png Pitcher's Mitt 1.14%
Climbing Gloves HD.png Climbing Gloves 1.07%
Spectacles HD.png Spectacles 1.05%
Shotgun HD.png Shotgun 0.99%
Mattock HD.png Mattock 0.98%
Teleporter HD.png Teleporter 0.97%
Cape HD.png Cape 0.50%
Freeze Ray HD.png Freeze Ray 0.50%
Jetpack HD.png Jetpack 0.20%
Plasma Cannon HD.png Plasma Cannon


Multiplayer Deathmatch

The Crates found in multiplayer deathmatches follow different rules. Unlike those in adventure mode, the possible contents of deathmatch crates can be decided by players before starting the game, and may include items not found in adventure mode crates, such as the Shield, Royal Jelly, and the Crysknife.

Conversely, certain items typically found in crates do not normally spawn during a deathmatch, being Bomb Bags, Rope Piles, Parachutes, Compasses, Spring Shoes, Spike Shoes, and Spectacles.

Additionally, all selected items in deathmatch have an equal chance of appearing, making 'rarer' items appear more often.

Due to a bug, Crates in deathmatch that were spawned inside water as part of a map instead contain contents consistent with crates in adventure mode, with the same odds.

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