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Crates are a type of Item in Spelunky 2 that can be broken open to receive free items.


Four crates correctly spawning next to 3 or more tiles, and a liar.

Crates spawn in any area of the caves. surrounded by 3 or more tiles or forcibly determined by level generation.

As Crates generally only spawn in small alcoves or encrusted in tiles, Crates that are out in the open in Tide Pool are likely inhabited by a Hermit Crab.


When they are damaged or opened (by pressing up + action while holding one), they are destroyed and leave a randomly selected Item in their place.

Crates most commonly contain Bombs or Rope, but can also contain Power-Ups, Weapons or even Backwear. More useful items, such as Jetpacks, are significantly rarer.

Crushing a Crate opens it; if the Crate contained an explosive item such as a Bomb Bag or a Jetpack, crushing causes an explosion. Unopened Crates that contain an explosive item can be ignited and even immersed in lava without exploding for as long as they remain unopened.

Crates cloned via the Clone Gun have a different item inside compared to the original crate.


When evaluating Crate contents during level generation, the game goes through the list of possible crate contents. From top to bottom, it rolls to see if the item will appear in the Crate. If the roll fails, it moves on to the next possible item and its associated odds of appearing.

For example, the process that a Crate containing a Powerpack goes through would be the following:

  • Roll 1/10000 chance for Plasma Cannon; Failure.
  • Roll 1/500 chance for Jetpack; Failure.
  • Roll chances for Powerpack; Success, Crate will contain a Powerpack.

As the calculation involves rolling every single chance until success occurs, the odds do not necessarily represent the actual chance; a Bomb Bag's odds of appearing is 1/1, but as every other chance must be rolled prior, it actually has a chance of approximately 34.06% of appearing from a crate.

Item Odds Approx. Chance
Plasma Cannon Link S2.png
Plasma Cannon 1/10000 0.01%
Jetpack Link S2.png
Jetpack 1/500 0.20%
Powerpack Link S2.png
Powerpack 1/500 0.20%
Freeze Ray Link S2.png
Freeze Ray 1/200 0.50%
Crossbow Link S2.png
Crossbow 1/200 0.50%
Cape Link S2.png
Cape 1/200 0.49%
Shotgun Link S2.png
Shotgun 1/100 0.98%
Mattock Link S2.png
Mattock 1/100 0.98%
Teleporter Link S2.png
Teleporter 1/100 0.96%
Climbing Gloves Link S2.png
Climbing Gloves 1/90 1.06%
Spectacles Link S2.png
Spectacles 1/90 1.05%
Webgun Link S2.png
Webgun 1/80 1.16%
Camera Link S2.png
Camera 1/80 1.15%
Pitcher's Mitt Link S2.png
Pitcher's Mitt 1/80 1.13%
Paste Link S2.png
Paste 1/60 1.49%
Spring Shoes Link S2.png
Spring Shoes 1/60 1.47%
Spike Shoes Link S2.png
Spike Shoes 1/60 1.44%
Boomerang Link S2.png
Boomerang 1/60 1.42%
Machete Link S2.png
Machete 1/40 2.10%
Bomb Box Link S2.png
Bomb Box 1/40 2.04%
Compass Link S2.png
Compass 1/20 3.98%
Parachute Link S2.png
Parachute 1/10 7.57%
Rope Pile Link S2.png
Rope Pile 1/2 34.06%
Bomb Bag Link S2.png
Bomb Bag 1/1 34.06%

Version History

Disclaimer: All content from Version 1.25 and onwards are currently unavailable on PS4.
In Europe, Africa, Middle East & Oceania, all content after Version 1.20.4d are also unavailable on PS4. This is due to multiple reasons, although content will be available in the future.

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