Crates are useful objects that can be broken open to receive free items.
They can be found randomly generated in any area of the caves. When they are damaged or opened (by pressing up + action while holding one), they will be destroyed and leave a randomly selected item in their place.


Crates may contain most kinds of equipment, weapons or accessories, and most commonly contain bombs or ropes. More useful items, such as Jetpacks, are significantly rarer.

The contents of a crate are pre-determined by the Random Number Generator (RNG) at the start of the game, as they are part of the cave's 'generation seed'. As a result, it is entirely possible to find an item you already own inside of a crate.

Item  Chance
Bomb Bag 34.30%
Rope Pile 34.30%
Parachute 7.62%
Compass 4.01%
Machete 2.11%
Bomb Box 2.06%
Bomb Paste 1.50%
Spring Shoes 1.48%
Spike Shoes 1.45%
Boomerang 1.43%
Web Gun 1.17%
Camera 1.16%
Pitcher's Mitt 1.14%
Climbing Gloves 1.07%
Spectacles 1.05%
Shotgun 0.99%
Mattock 0.98%
Teleporter 0.97%
Cape 0.50%
Freeze Ray 0.50%
Jetpack 0.20%
Plasma Cannon


Excluded Items

A crate will never contain any of the following items:

Multiplayer Deathmatch

The Crates found in multiplayer deathmatches follow different rules.
Unlike those in adventure mode, the possible contents of deathmatch crates can be decided by players before starting the game, and may include items not found in adventure mode crates, such as the ShieldRoyal Jelly, and the Crysknife.

Also, certain items typically found in crates do not normally spawn during a deathmatch, specifically a Bomb BagRope PileParachuteCompassSpring ShoesSpike Shoes, and Spectacles.

Additionally, all selected items have an equal chance of appearing, making 'rarer' items appear more often.

Due to a bug, Crates in multiplayer that are inside water in the map will have normal contents and most of the time be ropes and bombs, this only happens to crates that were already part of the map, any crate that spawns later will follow the multiplayer rules even if it spawns in water

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