Crates are small wooden boxes that contain useful items.
They are infrequently generated throughout the caves, often in hard to reach places.
They can be opened in the same manner as chests, by holding 'up' and pressing the action key (Default: X), either when on the ground or carried in the hands.

Crate ExpectationsEdit

Crates randomly contain any one of the following items:[1]

Item Chance
Rope Pile Small Rope Pile 34.48%
Bomb Bag Small Bomb bag 34.48%
Parachute Small Parachute 7.66%
Compass Small Compass 4.03%
Bomb Box Small Bomb Box 2.12%
Bow Small Bow 2.07%
Bomb Paste Small Bomb Paste 1.51%
Spring Shoes Small Spring Shoes 1.49%
Spike Shoes Small Spike Shoes 1.46%
Machete Small Machete 1.44%
Webcannon Small Web Gun 1.18%
Pistol Small Pistol 1.16%
Pitchers Mitt Small Pitcher's Mitt 1.14%
Cimbing Gloves Small Climbing Gloves 1.07%
Spectacles Small Spectacles 1.06%
Shotgun Small Shotgun 0.99%
Mattock Small Mattock 0.98%
Teleporter Small Teleporter 0.97%
Cape Small Cape 0.5%
Jetpack Small Jetpack 0.2%


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