Corpse Bags are a type of item typically found left behind by a deceased player.


When a Spelunker dies in multiplayer, they drop all of the bombs and rope that they were carrying into a single corpse bag, which is always the same color as the one of their player character.

Corpse Bags are also occasionally found inside of Presents sold by the Ghist Shopkeeper, where they contain 12 bombs and rope. They will always be yellow bags, the same color as Ana Spelunky's corpse bag.

Completing the Sun Challenge will also prompt a Corpse Bag containing 24 bombs and 24 rope to spawn near the entrance, with the same color as the player that initiated the challenge.

Corpse Bags are instantly collected when a player walks over them, adding the amount of bombs and rope that it contained to their inventory instantly.

Corpse Bags may be cloned using the Clone Gun, and copies will store the exact amount of bombs and rope that the original contained. A common strategy is to bring the Clone Gun to the Sun Challenge in order to clone the reward bag, netting a single player 99 bombs and 99 rope, so that they may be used in the Cosmic Ocean.

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