Corpses can be used as human shields. Here, a UFO's plasma blast harmlessly strikes a dead Damsel.

Bodies. Husks. Mortal coils.
Whatever you call them, Corpses are left behind by certain characters when killed, which can then be thrown like any other heavy object, or sacrificed to Kali on an Altar.

Note that not all 'corpses' need be dead, per se. Characters that are only stunned will function exactly like corpses until they wake up.

When Corpses are thrown at large enemies, they hit several times as each frame counts as a separate hit, as long as it is moving and in contact with the enemy's hitbox. This is especially effective against the Yeti King in the Ice Caves, where a large amount of damage can be dealt quickly against tough enemies.

The following characters leave corpses that can be sacrificed:

The following characters leave corpses that cannot be sacrificed:

Characters will not leave corpses if eaten by a Mantrap or crushed, as can occur if boulders are let loose or if the character is squished against a wall by a push block or crush trap.

Museum of Death

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