Cooked turkey is a consumable which heals the player for 1 HP. It is not the only way to heal during a level, as Royal Jelly and Eggplant Flesh will also heal the player when picked up.


Cooked turkey is created when a Cave Turkey is killed by, or when their corpse is attacked by a fire source. The player can cook turkeys by:

  • Blowing it up with a Bomb or other explosive.
  • Throwing an ignited Torch or Arrow as a fatal blow.
  • Attacking it with the upgraded whip from the Powerpack.
  • Exposing the turkey/corpse to fire based enemies such as Fire Bugs or Magmars.

Cooked Turkeys can also be obtained as a drop from Quillback, purchased from the Caveman Shopkeeper, or obtained from Madame Tusk's Palace of Pleasure.

Cooked Turkeys cannot be held, and will be eaten as soon as the player walks over them. Note that eating a cooked turkey will take away the line from run recaps in the Journal that read "I was a vegan/vegetarian."

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