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Conveyors are a Trap in Volcana. Although a simple one, they can be a dangerous trap when combined with other hazards.


Multiple conveyors seen transporting piles of Scrap.

Conveyors will be typically found grouped together into one single conveyor belt. Entities, push blocks, or items on a conveyor belt will be moved towards the indicated direction until they are pushed off of the conveyor. The only exception to this rule are bombs covered in paste, which will not move while on a conveyor under any circumstances.

Certain fragile items like Scrap and Pots are more resistant to breaking when falling from one conveyor to another, and items that are pushed off of a conveyor will not bounce after landing on another surface. This can be used to prevent items from being dropped and subsequently bounced into lava or any other dangerous situation.

Players that hang onto a conveyor like a ledge will shortly be forced off as the conveyor advances and pushes their hand off the edge.

Conveyor belts cannot be disabled, and thus must be destroyed in order to prevent being moved forward by them.

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