Constellations are left behind by the player as they become one with the cosmos by reaching 7-99 in the Cosmic Ocean. They are, in essence, run recaps, and will describe to the player what they did in the run. The most recent constellation that the player created will be visible in the Camp if the player uses the telescope.

Constellation Name + Appearance

The Constellation will be given a special name consisting of two words, depending on what the player did. Some words have a higher priority than others, so if a player meets the criteria for the word Animus but also meets the criteria for Solanum, the word will be Solanum, as it has priority.

The following charts display each word, going from highest priority on the list to lowest priority.

First Word

Word Latin Meaning Criteria Effect on Constellation
Solanum Eggplant Have the Eggplant Crown Bright Purple Star
Animus Heart Have 50 or more HP Amount of total stars increases with HP
Canis Dog Rescued 16 or more Dogs Additional small orange stars, 1 for every Dog rescued
Cattus Cat Rescued 16 or more Cats Additional small orange stars, 1 for every Cat rescued
Phodopus Hamster Rescued 16 or more Hamsters Additional small orange stars, 1 for every Hamster rescued
Felix Luck Meet no other criteria Nothing

Second Word

Word Latin Meaning Criteria Effect on Constellation
Celeritas Speed Complete the game in under 1:57:00 (1 minute average per level) Stars are more spread out
Major Large/Extreme Have over $1,000,000 Golden halo stars appear, one star for each million earned
Fidelis Loyalty, Faithfulness Have 24 or more favor at Kali's Altars Red halo stars appear. 16 favor grants one star, while every 8 favor after grants another
Criminalus Criminal Killed 16 or more NPCs Red lines linking constellation together
Minor Little Meet no other criteria Nothing

Note that for Celeritas, time elapsed while the game is paused counts towards the timer as well. The only place where the player can take a break without accruing extra time is by AFKing in the level transition screen.

Other Factors

NPC Quests

Completing an NPC's quest will add a bright white star to the constellation, and can only accrue a maximum of four stars due to the game's branching paths.

There are 6 different quests that the player can complete to add to the constellation:

Angering an NPC will nullify the star. Note that a player cannot obtain the star for both Madame Tusk and Sparrow, as her quest requires the player to anger Tusk by destroying the Forcefields guarding her vault.

A player does not have to pick up The True Crown to obtain the star for Beg's quest.

Health Count

As aforementioned with the word Animus, the constellation will have more stars depending on the player's health.

Health Count Star Count
1-8 5
9-13 6
14-18 7
19-23 6
24-28 9
29-33 10
34-39 11
39-43 12
44-48 13
49-53 14
54-58 15
59-63 16
64-68 17
69-73 18
74-78 19
79-83 20
84-88 21
89-93 22
94-98 23
99 24

Player Color

The character that the player is will also decide the glow that will emit from the constellation.

Character Glow Color
Ana Spelunky Yellow Glow
Margaret Tunnel Pink Glow
Colin Northward Light Blue Glow
Roffy D. Sloth Dark Gray Glow
Alto Singh Mild Red Glow
Liz Mutton Mild Green Glow
Nekka the Eagle Light Green Glow
LISE Project Bright White Glow
Coco von Diamonds Mild Blue Glow
Manfred Tunnel Blue Glow
Little Jay Green Glow
Tina Flan Bright Yellow Glow
Valerie Crump Mild Purple Glow
Au Gold Glow
Demi von Diamonds Red Glow
Pilot Bright Red Glow
Princess Airyn Dark Purple Glow
Dirk Yamaoka Black Glow
Guy Spelunky Mild Brown Glow
Classic Guy Orange Glow
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