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|name = Cobra
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|image =
|caption =
|title = Cobra
|gender = Male/Female
|race = Snake
|faction = Faction
|health = 1
|level = Level 1-4
|status = Alive
|location = Cave/Pots
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Cobras are a new enemy in the Spelunky X mod, and are 1 of the 3 poisonous enemies in the game.
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The Cobra is an advanced version of the Snake. It is red, poisonous, and if it sees you, it will charge at you. It is modeled by the original snake from all versions of Spelunky.
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Cobras will poison you if they touch you, and are the first new enemy in Spelunky X. They are special because not only do they poison you, but they can fall of ledges and charge at you, making them more difficult to kill, and making you be careful the walk under an open platform that has a Cobra on it.
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Killing Cobras is just like killing normal snakes. Except, it will poison you if it touches you.
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Cobras are weak but dangerous enemies that are essentially a more advanced version of the Snakes commonly seen in the Dwelling. They are usually found as a rare spawn from Pots, but spawn naturally in Temple of Anubis and the Duat.


Cobras move back and forth, turning around upon reaching a wall or edge.

Occasionally, they will stop and spit a large glob of venom. This does not stun or deal damage, but will inflict poison on anything it hits if they are not already, including standard enemies.

When in a one block tile space, they will never turn around, but will infinitely spit out venom as they please.


Much like Snakes, Cobras die easily to any attack. Unlike Snakes, their ranged venom makes them dangerous to approach from the front. It is best to engage a Cobra from behind or above, killing it with a jump or a whip.

Cobras in areas where they frequently change direction, such as two-tile-wide platforms, are best avoided unless they can be jumped on, as their venom will cover both directions equally.

Cobras can be especially problematic in the Cosmic Ocean, where any that are near an edge will infinitely spit venom into the map from unseen directions, where they may poison the player. In the Cosmic Ocean, the player has no method of curing poison other than death at that point.

Because Cobras rarely spawn from pots, they are usually easily whipped once they emerge from their ceramic prison, as they will typically not spit venom immediately.


Cobras are weak but dangerous enemies that are essentially advanced Snakes.

They spit projectile venom in an arc before moving a small distance and firing again. The trajectory and range of the venom is identical to that of a light object (such as a rock) being thrown straight forward.

Cobras can sometimes chain attacks on stunned targets, resulting in an unavoidable death if you get caught in the venom.

Cobras sitting on a single-tile-wide platform will not turn around, so can be approached safely from behind.

Cobra spit will also damage and potentially kill other characters (including Damsels and other Cobras).

They can not anger Shopkeepers by spitting on them, but can still anger them by attacking the Damsel in kissing booths, Hired Hands available for hire or breaking an unpaid Mystery Box. If a patrolling Shopkeeper is hit by their spit, they will drop their Shotgun and remain immobile and won't react to the player unless they are damaged, allowing the possibility of earning Shopkeeper forgiveness if the criteria is met.

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