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The Clone Gun is a Held Item in Spelunky 2.


The Clone Gun is given as the reward for completing the Star Challenge in Tide Pool. When the last torch is ignited within the time limit, the Clone Gun appears between the Forcefields that make up the challenge's waiting room. If the Star Challenge is completed in Temple of Anubis, Elixir is rewarded instead.

Alternatively, the Eggplant World Ghist Shop has a chance to contain a Clone Gun inside one of its Presents.


As the name implies, the Clone Gun clones anything the Spelunker shoots with it.

It only has three charges, breaking once used a third time. The number of uses left is indicated by the number and color of the lights on the side of the gun itself:

  • Three uses left: three green lights
  • Two uses left: two yellow lights
  • One use left: one orange light

If the Clone Gun is used and its projectile doesn't hit anything, that still counts as one if its three uses.

If the user of the Clone Gun is equipped with a Powerpack, they experience less recoil and have half the normal reload time (Normally 49 frames, 24 frames with a Powerpack).

The Clone Gun is an exceptionally strong tool, allowing the player to duplicate crates, items themselves, pets, or even enemies. Items that are limited or only appear once can be cloned to create more of them. Notably, in multiplayer, cloning the Kapala is the only way for all four players to have a Kapala at once.

Special Interactions

  • When used on Excalibur, a Broken Sword is created instead. Excalibur can be cloned even when it is still in the stone.
  • Cloning the Pet allows multiple to be saved in one level, with each saved Pet appearing in the level transition screen and giving health.
    • Due to a bug, saving five or more Pets in a single level, possible by using both Clone Guns, will result in some of the saved pets to not appear in the level transition screen. They are counted as saved, but do not give health.[1]
  • Cloning an entity with a Debuff or less than full health will regardless generate a clone without Debuffs and with full health.
  • Cloned Crates, Presents, and Pots will have a different item inside of them compared to its original copy.
    • Cloned Presents do not have the same appearance as the original.
      • Cloning Presents found in the Ghist Shop produce Presents that pull from the normal Present item pool, not the Ghist Shop item pool.
    • Cloned Pots have the same appearence as the original.
  • Cloning an item sold at a Shop and taking the cloned item does not anger the vendor.
  • Using the Clone Gun on Shopkeepers, Tun, Yang, Madame Tusk, and Waddler will anger both the generated clone and the original NPC.
    • Killing a Shopkeeper newly cloned by the Clone Gun gives Shopkeeper aggro.
    • Killing Tun more than once in one level does not count as multiple Tun kills for forgiveness.
    • If Madame Tusk is cloned and one of them is killed, the Palace of Pleasure will not appear in 6-3, despite a Madame Tusk still being alive.
  • If a Spelunker is hit by a Clone Gun shot, a Hired Hand that looks identical to them is created. This Hired Hand has zero trust and the same amount of health the original Spelunker had; if the Spelunker was cloned with 99 health, the new Hired Hand will have 99 heath as well. Cloning Spelunkers is easily done in Co-op, but can also be done with a Forcefield or other reflecting hazard.
  • Cloning a Hired Hand or the Eggplant Child generates a copy with the exact same level of trust and health as the original.
  • If the Clone Gun itself is somehow cloned, it creates a copy with only one charge left, meaning that it cannot be cloned to gain more total uses.
  • Cloning an Idol rigged to a trap does not immediately trigger the trap.
    • In the Ice Caves, nothing happens when the Idol is cloned, but if the cloned Idol is moved, another Boulder spawns directly above it. This can cause Boulders to spawn out of thin air, and can be used to spawn Boulders in backlayers of the Ice Caves or in varying locations.
  • Shooting the correct Ushabti with the Clone Gun still causes it to produce a Qilin in the next level, and cloning the correct Ushabti before it hatches generates a copy that will hatch a level later.
  • Cloning a Player Bag creates a copy containing the exact same amount of Bombs and Ropes the original had.
    • If the Sun Challenge's reward Player Bag of 24 bombs and 24 ropes is cloned three times, 96 bombs and 96 ropes total can be obtained.
  • Cloning a Crossbow or Hou Yi's Bow clones both the weapon itself and the type of arrow loaded in it, if there was an arrow.
  • Cloning a Coffin containing an unlockable Spelunker or a player in multiplayer produces a coffin that contains a Hired Hand.
  • The following entities cannot be cloned. Attempting to do so results in the Clone Gun shot going through the entity and making a blue "hit" particle effect appear.

Version History

Disclaimer: All content from Version 1.25 and onwards are currently unavailable on PS4.
In Europe, Africa, Middle East & Oceania, all content after Version 1.20.4d are also unavailable on PS4. This is due to multiple reasons, although content will be available in the future.

1.20.3a (W64)

  • Fixed certain cloned follower (cloned Eggplant Child)'s held item on changing level while the original follower remains sleeping in a certain place (the Moai)
  • Shop lamps can now be cloned


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