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The Clone Gun is a ranged weapon in Spelunky 2. As the name implies, it clones anything the player shoots with it.


The Clone is given to the player after successfully completing the Stars Challenge in Tide Pool ran by Tun. It requires the player to light every torch within the room, upon which the Clone Gun will be found in between the two forcefields near the entrance. Note that completing the Stars Challenge in Temple of Anubis will instead award the Elixir.

Alternatively, The Eggplant World Ghist Shop also has a chance to contain a Clone Gun inside one of its Presents.

The Clone Gun is an exceptionally strong tool, allowing the player to duplicate crates, items themselves, pets, or even enemies. However, it only has three charges, breaking once used a third time.

Special Interactions

  • Cloning an entity with a Debuff or less than full health will regardless generate a clone without Debuffs and with full health.
  • Cloned Crates or Presents will have a different item inside of them compared to its original copy.
    • Cloned Presents will not have the same appearance as the original.
  • When used on Excalibur, a Broken Sword is created instead.
  • Cloning an item sold at a shop and taking the cloned item will not anger the vendor.
  • Using the Clone Gun on NPCs like Shopkeepers or Tun will anger both the generated clone and the original NPC.
    • Killing a Shopkeeper newly cloned by the Clone Gun adds sin.
  • If a Spelunker is hit by the Clone Gun, a Hired Hand that looks identical to them will be created. This is easily done in Co-op, but can also be done with a Forcefield or other reflecting hazard.
  • Cloning a Hired Hand will generate a copy with the exact same level of trust as the original.
  • If the player somehow manages to clone the Clone Gun, it will create a copy with only one charge left, meaning that it cannot be cloned to use more than three times.
  • Using it on a Golden Idol rigged to a trap will not immediately trigger the trap.
    • In the Ice Caves, nothing happens when the Golden Idol is cloned, but if the cloned Idol is moved, another Boulder will spawn directly above it. This can cause Boulders to spawn out of thin air, and can be used to spawn Boulders in sub-areas of the Ice Caves or in varying locations.
  • Shooting the correct Ushabti with the Clone Gun will still cause it to produce a Qilin in the next level, and cloning the correct Ushabti before it hatches will generate a copy that will hatch a level later.
  • Cloning a Corpse Bag will cause its copy to contain the exact same amount of Bombs and Rope the original had. This can be used to obtain 72 additional bombs and ropes by cloning the Corpse Bag awarded from the Sun Challenge.