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Climbing Gloves are accessories that can be purchased in certain shops. They can also occasionally be found in crates or received from Kali after making sacrifices.


Climbing gloves allow the player to grab onto any type of wall and climb up them or abseil down them as if it were a ledge. This gives the user the ability to reduce or prevent fall damage, lets them grab onto ledges one block higher than normal, and climb up vertical walls to reach areas that would normally require a rope to access.

While Climbing Gloves in Spelunky 2 are activated by holding the movement key against a ledge, Climbing Gloves in Spelunky HD treat all walls as if they were a ledge, locking the player in place until they press a key to release themselves.

Climbing Gloves can be equipped at the same time as the Pitcher's Mitt and work especially well when used with Spring Shoes and a cape.

They are made virtually redundant with a jetpack, but will still help with managing fall damage and refueling it by clinging to a wall.

There are a few situations where they can be disadvantageous, e.g. slipping through a 1 block gap between Tiki Traps. Be advised that holding down will not prevent you from grabbing onto blocks.


The Journal entry for Climbing Gloves contains a grammar issue, containing an additional and unnecessary "to".

"They protect your hands and let you to cling to even the most slippery of walls."

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