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Celestial Jellies are enemies in Spelunky 2. They appear exclusively in the Cosmic Ocean.


A dormant Celestial Jelly blocking the exit door of a Neo Babylon (2) themed level in Cosmic Ocean. Two Olmites are seen hiding behind it on its right.

Celestial Jellies are the replacement for the Ghost in Cosmic Ocean.

Making contact with a Celestial Jelly's main body instantly kills the spelunker regardless of HP, turning them into pure energy. Its tail is purely cosmetic and does not harm spelunkers.

In all Cosmic Ocean levels, an idle Celestial Jelly is found blocking the level's exit door. Despite its inactivity, it can still kill the spelunker if touched.

Destroying the three Floating Orbs located throughout the level will cause it to enter its active state, leaving the exit door to hunt the spelunker.

Their rough form of movement via "swimming" through the level makes them incredibly imprecise turners, making it possible for them to be stuck circling the spelunker trying to turn towards them.

If the player remains in a Cosmic Ocean level for longer than three minutes, another active Celestial Jelly will spawn, regardless of whether or not the three Orbs have been destroyed.


  • It was previously possible to abuse exit door invincibility frames and hitboxes to simply walk through a level's Celestial Jelly, outright skipping the need to destroy Orbs. A video explaining this exploit can be seen here, from content creator Gugubo.
    • This was patched in version 1.22.6, as the game now runs a check to see if all Orbs are popped before allowing entry through the exit door.
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