Celestial Jellies are enemies found only within the Cosmic Ocean in Spelunky 2.


Celestial Jellies are the replacement for The Ghost in the Cosmic Ocean, meaning making contact with a Jelly's main body, whether is is moving or not, will instantly vaporize the player and turn them into pure energy. Its tail is purely cosmetic and will not harm the player.

A dormant Celestial Jelly blocking the exit door of a Neo Babylon-type level in the Cosmic Ocean. Note the two Olmites hiding behind it on its right.

Celestial Jellies initially do nothing but sit still in front of the exit of every single level in the Cosmic Ocean. The only way to move them from the exit is by destroying the three Celestial Orbs located throughout the level, after which it will move away from the exit to assault the player.

If the player remains in one Cosmic Ocean level for longer than three minutes, another Celestial Jelly will spawn.

Active Celestial Jellies have the intention of vaporizing the player into pure energy by making contact with them, killing them instantly. Despite this, their rough form of movement via "swimming" through the level makes them incredibly imprecise turners, occasionally locking them into a situation where they are repeatedly circling the player in an attempt to turn towards them.


Players are rewarded for proper planning and/or quick thinking in the Cosmic Ocean. There are two main strategies in getting past the cosmic adversary:

  1. Carefully planning one's path and only destroying the last Celestial Orb once fully prepared
  2. Destroying all orbs as quickly as possible and using the direction that the Jelly swam from to deduce the location of the exit.

The first strategy takes a lot of time, while the second strategy is very dangerous, depending on the world generation. It is recommended to perform a healthy mix of both strategies in each level in order to escape the jelly.

  • The Alien Compass proves useful for players who are either forgetful of where the level exit was or those playing aggressively and destroying all orbs before finding where the level exit is.
  • The Celestial Jelly's imprecise turning makes it an easy enemy to herd if absolutely necessary.
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