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The Caveman Shopkeeper is a special NPC found running their own Shops within backlayers of normal levels. They are aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to impress their friends with their profits.


Within his Shop, the Shopkeeper will typically sell items easily accessible to a regular Caveman, but will occasionally carry much more valuable stock.

Because the Caveman Shopkeeper does not have a proper grasp of the value of Treasure compared to that of his wares, he sells his items at a massive discount:

Angering the Caveman Shopkeeper will unsurprisingly cause him to simply run at the Spelunker, like every other caveman. Generally, there is little reason to rob him due to his excessively low prices and unremarkable wares, but if the player wishes to do so, Caveman Shops will stop appearing for the rest of the run.

A standard Caveman Shop.

When enraged, they will act identically to other Cavemen, running back and forth in an attempt to damage the player through contact.

Shop prices are affected by the Crown and The True Crown. Crown gives a 50% discount, while The True Crown causes items to be worth double and overrides Crown's discount. Unique dialog can be seen by entering Caveman Shops with Crown or The True Crown.


  • Obtaining a pot from the Caveman Shopkeeper may actually net a slight profit, as even small gold nuggets typically give more money than the pot's price.
  • The Caveman Shopkeeper may sell any item from any item pool - with the exception of Presents, Mounts, and the Skeleton Key. Because of this, one may find a Caveman Shopkeeper selling a Hired Hand or even a Plasma Cannon, despite all odds, sold for only $1,000.
  • Hired Hands sold by Caveman Shopkeepers have full trust, just like Hired Hands sold in Tun's Curio Shops.


  • "Ugh! Ugh!" - Entering a Caveman Shop.
  • "UGH! UGH! UGH!" - Entering a Caveman Shop while wearing the Crown, gaining a 50% discount.
  • "OOHA! HA!" - Entering a Caveman Shop while wearing The True Crown, now being charged double the normal price. This line is seen even if the Spelunker has both the Crown and The True Crown.
  • "Ooga! Ooga!" - Stealing from a Caveman Shop by running out the door with an unpaid item.
  • "AH! AH!" - Attacking the Caveman Shopkeeper, destroying part of the shop, or attacking/destroying a shop item
  • "Ooooooga... OOH! OOH!" - Selling an Idol to the Caveman Shopkeeper.
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