Caveman Shopkeepers are a type of merchant in Spelunky 2. They can sometimes appear in the second layer of most levels[needs research] within their shops.

Like other Shopkeepers, they will sell items to Spelunkers in exchange for money. However, unlike other Shopkeepers, the goods they sell are usually unremarkable items at low prices such as rocks, arrows, and skulls. Cavemen Shopkeepers also commonly sell Cooked Turkey, and Pets, with the Pet being sold at base price.

Rarely, a Caveman Shopkeeper will sell a more useful item at a drastic discount. This even includes a small chance to sell an extremely cheap Plasma Cannon.

Caveman Shopkeepers will accept a Golden Idol from the player at its current value like any other shopkeeper.


Caveman Shopkeepers are passive, quietly residing within their shops.

They will become enraged if:

  • The player leaves their Shop while holding an unpurchased item.
  • They take damage caused by the player.
  • A block belonging to their shop is destroyed.
  • The player breaks a Pot or Skull without buying it.
  • The player harms a Pet without buying it.

A standard Caveman Shop.

When enraged, they will act identically to other Cavemen, running back and forth in an attempt to damage the player through contact.


  • Angering a Caveman Shopkeeper will not anger other Cavemen Shopkeepers on later levels.
  • Angering a Caveman Shopkeeper does not anger normal Shopkeepers.
  • Buying a vase from the Caveman can actually net a slight profit, as even small gold nuggets typically give more money than the vase's price. Though, at that point the player may as well take the vase without paying or just kill the Caveman.
  • Due to their lackluster offense and defense, and the lack of anger mechanics hurting your run further down the line like other shopkeepers, the optimal thing to do is kill the Caveman and steal his items.
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