Cavemen are a relatively common enemy found in Dwelling, The Jungle, Volcana, The Ice Caves, and Neo Babylon.

3 Cavemen appear in Olmec's opening scene, but none of them actually exist outside the cutscene.

Cavemen can rarely be found in ice in the Ice Caves, and will appear if the ice is destroyed.


When idle, a Caveman roams around slowly, aimlessly wandering back and forth, turning around when they encounter a ledge or wall.

A Caveman's line of sight only extends horizontally in front of them for about 6 tiles, so they cannot see anything above, below or behind themselves.

They will enter a "frenzied" state when they see a Spelunker, as they shout and start charging towards them. When frenzied, they will run off ledges instead of turning around. Once angry, a Caveman will not stop attacking unless it falls into a 1-tile-wide pit or they are stunned, at which point they will wake up in a passive state.

While running, a Caveman can trip over items lying on the ground, momentarily stunning them. If a Caveman is holding a weapon such as a Shotgun or Freeze Ray and trips, they will accidently pull the trigger of the weapon, firing it.

Some Cavemen spawn asleep, and wake up if an explosion goes off near them or a Spelunker gets too close to them.

After meeting another Caveman, Tiki Man or Witch Doctor, they stand in front of each other and seem to exchange a few "words", consistent of oogas, boogas, and lots of spitting. A talking pair will not stop conversing until either enough time has passed or one of the two is either damaged, killed, or aggroed by the player entering their line of sight.

Two cavemen discussing something.

Cavemen will also pick up and hold objects they find on the ground, including treasure, pets, rocks, and weapons like Shotguns. They will even wear pack items such as the Jetpack or a Cape. They do not think to use any items or even throw them.

Because of this, Cavemen are liable to pick up Golden Idols and accidently trigger the traps around them, especially in Volcana where it is easiest for a Caveman to get their hands on an idol.

A Caveman carrying a gold ingot

A Caveman carrying a gold ingot.

Caveman Shopkeeper

The Caveman Shopkeeper.

"An enterprising caveman trying to acquire more shiny things to show off to his friends." - People Journal Entry #30

The Caveman Shopkeeper is a special variant of Caveman. It is quite the peculiar shop owner, as it is run by a passive Caveman, an aspiring entrepreneur who seeks to collect more shiny things to show off to his friends.

Within his Shop, the Caveman Shopkeeper will typically sell items easily accessible to a regular Caveman, but will occasionally having something valuable of the player to sell:

Because the Caveman Shopkeeper does not have a proper grasp of the value of Treasure compared to the price of his wares, he sells his items at a massive discount. If a player is insanely lucky, he may even sell a Plasma Cannon at only $4000, and not over $40,000.

Angering the Caveman Shopkeeper will unsurprisingly cause him to simply run at the player, like every other caveman. Despite this, there isn't much of a reason to rob him due to his excessively low prices.


Unlike many other enemies in the Dwelling, Cavemen have multiple hit points and can present a challenge to players first exploring the early areas of the game.

  • The ideal plan is to sneak up on Cavemen and KO them before they ever see you to avoid angering them. As Cavemen cannot jump, climbing to higher ground is an effective way of escaping from them.
  • When they take modest damage (such as being stomped or whipped) they will be stunned for several seconds. During this period they will be immune to further jumping or whip damage, meaning that a total of 3 such attacks will be necessary to kill them. It is often easiest to simply stun a Caveman and move past him or repeatedly throw items at them while they are stunned until they die.
  • It is useful to get an intuitive sense of how long a Caveman lies stunned before he wakes up. Being ambushed by a rousing Caveman can be an easy way to lose a hit point.
  • Cavemen can be killed instantly by using more powerful attacks, such as bombs, weapons and the spike shoes, and are also vulnerable to environmental hazards such as spikes, lava and Mantraps.
  • The Caveman's stun period can be used to capitalize on these latter weaknesses; throwing a stunned Caveman into a dangerous situation can serve to deal with him permanently.
  • Some Cavemen can be found sleeping, rather than walking around. If the player runs nearby them in this state, a blinking sound will play three times, and the Caveman will then wake up immediately in its frenzied state, regardless of whether or not the Caveman actually saw the player.
  • A frenzied Caveman will trip over any object in its way, such as a rock, arrow, or treasure. This can be an effective way to momentarily stun the caveman so that the player may pass by or dispatch of them using other items.


  • Cavemen are based off of Neanderthals, an extinct sub-species of modern humans.
  • In an online interview Derek Yu stated that he modeled the Caveman after being inspired by his acquaintance George. This has led to some lending the nickname 'George' to the Cavemen.
  • The Cavemen being frozen in the Ice Caves is a reference to Ötzi the Iceman, a natural ice mummy from around 3200 B.C., found by scientists in the Tyrol Alps of Europe.
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