Cave turkeys are mounts that will occasionally spawn in the caves on their own, however three turkeys are guaranteed to spawn on either 1-2 or 1-3. One of these turkeys will automatically spawn in Yang's pen, and two will be found somewhere else on the level. Upon both the other turkeys being placed alive in Yang's pen he will give the player a key to a cave with some treasure in the pen. Cave turkeys will also spawn in volcana.


Turkeys will aimlessly run back and forth, occassionally stopping, while cave turkeys can crouch under 1 tile high spaces, they will not go there unless forced by the player or otherwise. They are neutral and will not damage the player, unless they are being ridden by a cavemen. If the player jumps on a turkey, the turkey will run back and forth, and over ledges for several seconds until tamed. If done in an unsafe environment, the turkey will often run into traps or enemies. While tamed, the player can use the turkey to double jump.

If a turkey dies by fire (like a torch, or magmar), has its corpse hit with fire, or exploded, it will turn into a Cooked Turkey which the player can get for 1 health.

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