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#REDIRECT [[Cave Turkey]]
== Information ==
[[File:Cave Turkey.png|thumb|The Cave Turkey before roasting.]]
[[File:Cooked Turkey.png|thumb|121x121px|A Cave Turkey after roasting.]]
The Turkey is a [[mount]] which can be found primarily in the [[Dwelling]] in Spelunky 2. Jumping on the back of an untamed Turkey will result it running back and forth for several seconds, at which point it is tamed and can be controlled by the player. While riding a Turkey, the player can double jump and fall gently, similar to the ability granted by wearing a [[cape]]. If a Turkey corpse comes into contact with a source of fire (e.g. a bomb, torch, magma) then it will be converted to [[Roasted turkey]], which heals the player for 1 heart.
They can also be given to [[yang]], dropping two into the cage below him will result in the door opening allowing you to receive some random rewards.
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