Cave turkeys are non-threatening mounts found naturally anywhere in the caves, but most commonly in the Dwelling, where two are guaranteed to spawn to be delivered to Yang.


In the Dwelling, Cave Turkeys are guaranteed to spawn on either 1-2 or 1-3. One of these turkeys will automatically spawn in Yang's Pen, and two will be found somewhere else on the level.

Turkeys can also be found uncommonly in every other area in the game, becoming more and more rare the deeper that the player ventures. The player can increase the spawn rate of Cave Turkeys slightly by buying out Yang's Pet Shop.


Wild turkeys will aimlessly run back and forth, occasionally stopping. While cave turkeys can crouch under 1 tile high spaces, they will not go there unless forced by the player or otherwise.

If the player jumps on a turkey, the turkey will run back and forth for several seconds until tamed, without stopping at ledges. If done in an unsafe environment, the turkey will often run into traps or enemies.

While tamed, the player can use the turkey to double jump and fall slowly, similar to Vlad's Cape. Like other mounts, it will absorb damage for the player while ridden. Using the attack button will cause the turkey to send its head forward instead of causing the player to whip.

Cave Turkeys can be found already tamed inside of Pet Shops, and can be occasionally seen ridden by Cavemen, who can move incredibly fast atop the turkey to attack the player.

Turkeys are able to walk on Thorny Vines without taking damage, making them useful when traversing the Jungle.


If a turkey dies by fire (like a torch, or Magmar), has its corpse hit with fire, or exploded, it will turn into a Cooked Turkey which will heal the player for 1 HP.

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