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Cave Moles are an enemy in Spelunky 2.

They are found regularly in Dwelling.


  • Is initially found digging through dirt tiles, indicated by large puffs of brown smoke in tiles.
    • Moles tunnel semi-randomly, but generally in the direction of a Spelunker. They attempt to emerge from the tile the Spelunker is standing on, a tile on the same level as them, or from above them, depending on which path is shortest.
    • They cannot tunnel through any material besides dirt, and will turn around if they encounter wood, stone, or bone tiles.
  • If a Spelunker approaches, moles exit the dirt tiles and charge blindly in straight lines, falling off ledges and turning around when they hit a wall they cannot dig through. After some time, they will dig into dirt tiles they encounter while running, or will dig downwards into dirt below them.

Cave Moles have 3 HP, are stunnable, and leave a corpse behind when killed unless they die underground via Poison or other means.

Moles have an approximately 1/500 chance of dropping a Mattock.


  • In a Developer AMA, Spelunky's creator Derek Yu reaffirmed that he has absolutely no regrets on adding both Cave Moles and Horned Lizards to the same stage.
    • Gameplay and AI Programmer Javier "eglomer" Moya had the following to say about Cave Moles: "I really like moles... I don't know why people hate them so hard. Put a mole in your life!"
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