The Cave Mole is an enemy in Spelunky 2 that is commonly found in the Dwelling area.


Cave Moles possess the ability to dig through dirt tiles, and will do so often. While aboveground, a Cave Mole will run in straight lines, falling off ledges and turning around when they hit a wall they cannot dig through. They will dig into dirt tiles they encounter while running, or will dig downwards into dirt below them after a short period of time.

While underground, Cave Moles will tunnel semi-randomly, but generally in the direction of a Spelunker. They will attempt to emerge from the tile the Spelunker is standing on, a tile on the same level as them, or from above them, depending on which path is shortest. They cannot tunnel through any material besides dirt, and will turn around if they encounter wood or stone tiles.

Cave Moles create dirt trails when underground, so their attacks can be anticipated. When they come out of the ground or tunnel back in they have a short period of invincibility, and Moles that emerge directly underneath a Spelunker will not damage them, but will simply push them out of the way.

Cave Moles have 3 HP, can be stunned, and will leave a corpse behind when killed.


Cave Moles can be one of the most dangerous enemies encountered in the first area, rivalled only by the odd Scorpion or the Horned Lizard. Their ability to rapidly move around the level, as well as their surprisingly fast speed aboveground, make them a constant nuisance that will continue to follow you until they are either killed or you leave the level.

Areas with Moles should be approached carefully. Always be aware of where the Moles are when they are underground, and if you have left Moles alive earlier in the level be wary of them popping out of the ceiling or walls around you. Because Moles have a hard time moving up through air gaps they tend to congregate at the bottom of the level over time as they follow you and fall down on their own. Be especially wary near the bottom.

Killing a Mole is not particularly difficult, and once stunned once they can be easily ran past. However, running past a Mole allows it to return to harass you later, and killing every Mole on the level takes a significant amount of time. Some quick ways to dispose of stunned Moles are to toss them into traps, or to use a throwable to repeatedly hit and kill them while they are still stunned. Rocks and Torches are good for this purpose, as they will not break once used.

If you can obtain a weapon, Moles become significantly less of a problem. Shotguns, well timed Machete swings, or Boomerangs make quick work of them.


  • Cave Moles can be sacrificed at an Altar, and seem to give two favor points alive and one dead.
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