Reasons pages may be deleted

For articles, this may be because:

  • It concerns a topic that is already part of another article. (Any relevant information will be merged)
  • It covers a subject too minor to warrant its own page.
  • It appears to be vandalism.

For images, this may be because:

  • There is a better version of the image available
  • There is no use for the image

Please remember to title your topic with the page name so we know which page you're talking about.// TenhGrey (talk)


The Monsters/2 page and the Spelunky 2 section of the Monsters page are identical except that Monsters/2 has a table of contents, which may be unnecessary anyway. There's also a similar situation going on with the Spelunky 2 section of Items and Items/2.

The reason for this is because the 'Items' and 'Monsters' pages both use these two pages as a base, deleting Monsters/2 would also delete that portion of the Monsters page. It's just a quirk of how works. -JCoxeye

I didn't know that! Sorry for the kerfuffle then. - Koiah.b

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