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Stomping on a Cat Mummy, cursing nearby entities.

For the human variant of mummy, see Mummy (2)

Cat Mummies are an enemy in Spelunky 2.

They infrequently spawn in Temple of Anubis.


Cat Mummies spawn sitting still, waving their tail around. If a spelunker gets within 6 tiles horizontally of a Cat Mummy from either the front or from behind, it runs into their direction.

After being set off from spotting a spelunker, it begins to move erratically, running and jumping into wild directions and off of ledges. The small size and high agility of Cat Mummies makes them difficult to defeat after provocation.

If a Cat Mummy makes contact with a spelunker, the Cat Mummy dies and curses the spelunker. If already at 1 HP, the spelunker instead dies on contact.

Cat Mummies have 1 HP and explode if damaged, blowing two gusts of gray wind that move horizontally outward from the cat that dissipate after traveling 3 tiles. This wind curses any entity it passes through.

Cat Mummies also have an astronomically rare chance of approximately 1/1000 to drop a Diamond.

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