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The Cape is an accessory purchasable from certain shops. It can also be found in crates with a .5% chance of appearing, gifted as a reward from Kali, and is also a guaranteed drop from killing Vampires.


The cape is essentially a re-usable, manual parachute. Pressing the jump key in mid-air will cause the cape to fan out, slowing the wearer's fall speed. Pressing the jump button again will return the user back to freefall mode.

Spikes can also be descended down into safely with the Cape activated, and fall damage is prevented once it is activated.

The player cannot wear a Cape, a Jetpack, or Vlad's Cape at the same time, and picking one up will drop the other one that they were previously wearing. It is only possible for the player to hold and throw a Cape in their hands if they already have one equipped.


The Cape is an incredibly useful item, particularly when combined with Spring Shoes and Climbing Gloves, but is made mostly obsolete by the Jetpack, with its only benefits being its unlimited air-time duration and ability to safely glide into Spikes.

The Cape allows the player to jump over substantially larger gaps and have a significantly easier time when dealing with enemies below them. Situations where the player would normally fall to their doom can be easily avoided with the Cape alone, or with the help of a Rope in worst-case scenarios.


Its appearance and functionality resemble the cape from Super Mario World.

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