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Sticker of the Cape in the Journal's Run Recap

The Cape is a type of backwear purchasable from certain shops. It can also be found in crates with a 0.49% chance of dropping, is also dropped by Vampires upon death, and occasionally rewarded by a Kali Altar after reaching 8 favor.


The cape is essentially a re-usable, manual parachute, causing the spelunker to fall slowly when activated. Unlike how it functioned in Spelunky HD, the cape is activated by holding the jump button down while in midair, instead of toggling its activation.

Slowfalling can be used to prevent fall damage as well as glide into spikes safely, avoiding death. Spike Shoes continue increasing the spelunker's stomp damage as they fall through the air even if the cape is activated.


  • The Cape serves as an easier to obtain alternative to more powerful piece of backwear. Even if the spelunker cannot find better backwear, the ability to negate fall damage is invaluable in later areas.
  • A cape can be consistently obtained by completing the Sun Challenge, as Vampires spawn.
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