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The Camp, also known as the Basecamp or Base Camp, is the initial drop off point for the Spelunker, who descends from a rope into the cave at the start of each new adventure.

It provides a safe environment to familiarize oneself with the controls, talk with other characters, relax, and contains the main door leading to the Dwelling. Once a Shortcut has been unlocked, one will also gain access to doors on the right side from which the player can choose the point to start their adventure from.

Upon your initial visit, the Camp will be dark and the door to the Dwelling will be locked. You will find an abandoned Journal, which will begin the interactive tutorial as Ana Spelunky reads about the adventures of her mother and father, Guy Spelunky and Tina Flan.

After completing the tutorial, Ana finds the key to the door tucked in the journal, unlocking the main game. In co-op mode, the tutorial will be skipped and the players will find the door already unlocked.

Although the Camp starts off dark and contains no structures other than the door to the Dwelling, a large camp will slowly be constructed overtime, expanding the more characters that the player unlocks.

Features of a Complete Camp

The Camp changes over time to reflect your progress through the game. As the number of playthroughs increase, small details and extra structures are added to the cave to represent the time the player has spent there. More bedrooms will appear, furniture will be placed all around the area, and once enough characters have been unlocked, they will gain access back to the surface. Below is a description of what a player can find in a complete camp.

Throughout the camp, multiple different critters can be found. These critters will only appear once a player has visited their native area. For example, Penguins will not appear in the camp until the player has completed The Ice Caves.

The door to the Dwelling also shows three creatures that can hold orbs, which are placed upon defeating the final bosses. One yellow orb appears in a frog's mouth once a Spelunker has defeated Tiamat, and a second red orb appears in the other frog's mouth if Tiamat is defeated without the use of shortcuts (the 'Iron Man' achievement). A white orb in the middle will appear in the mouth of the skull once the player defeats Hundun and beat the game the hard way or enters the Cosmic Ocean (reaching 7-99 is not necessary).

If the player unlocked every single character, a large cardboard cutout of a buff dog can be found, allowing the player to put their head where the dog's head would be.

To the left of the big door are the three shortcut doors, along with the home of the Tunnel Family. If the player assisted Mama Tunnel in creating the shortcuts, they may access them here, going to 1-4 of the Dwelling, Olmec's Lair, or The Ice Caves.

A door leading to a small living room can also be found here just before the Tutorial area, containing a sofa and a television. The television has three channels: an Eggplant show, a news channel reporting on the moon, and a boxing match.

To the right of the big door is a large apartment complex, near a dining table. This is where the majority of the Spelunkers reside and rest, and a jukebox can be found here, able to play every single Shop theme, as well as the theme for Waddler's cave.

At the top of the apartment complex is a ladder leading back up to the surface. At the top of the ladder, one can find another room as well as a small training room containing a Spring trap, Conveyor belts, and climbable chains. There is also a telescope that the player can interact with. If they completed the Cosmic Ocean, then their latest Constellation can be seen here.

After this, the player can drop down onto the moon's surface. If they completed the game by defeating Queen Tiamat, Guy Spelunky and Tina Flan's spaceship can be found alongside Ana's. A wooden idol can also be found, unlocking Seeded Runs. If the player completed the game the hard way by defeating Hundun, they may find the Olmec shaped spaceship atop a ledge, just above Au's room.

Finally, the rope that Ana placed in the game's intro can be found, leading back to the big door.


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