This is a page for sharing bugs and glitches in Spelunky HD, XBLA and PSN.


Falling Platforms

If a player begins the ledge-hang animation on an ice caves falling block, than the block begins to fall and then the player finishes the ledge-hang, the player will hover.

Since the spelunker is allowed to clip into walls while doing the fliphang animation, it's possible to go through blocks while flip hanging on a falling platform or thwomp, if the player ends the flip hang animation while inside a block, it will get crushed.

If a player dies by hanging onto a block that falls into the abyss while carrying the Ankh, they will be revived, but the game thinks they are still holding onto the falling block. As a result, they are warped back to the block and fall to their death again.

Stopping Music Unconventially

If you die with the Kapala and get a enough blood to fill it before the screen blacks out, you will regain 1 point of health, the music stops for the rest of the level, like you just died. If the player dies later in the run, the cause of death will show the original death when the Kapala revived them.

Floating Hired Hands and Corpses

If a Hired Hand (or another Spelunker, whether is a player or not) is thrown at a moveable block with the Pitcher's Mitt, they will float back in the same direction until hitting a wall. If there's a tile under the the line where the Hired Hand floats after an empty space, they will get stucked in the air.

Additionally, if a corpse (regardless of it being a Spelunker or not) is thrown against a Tiki Trap with the Pitcher's Mitt, the corpse will float back diagonally

‘’’Flip hang’’’

If you do a flip hang in front of an arrow trap, it is possible to time it so that the arrow trap does not fire. However, the arrow will trigger when you drop down

Semi-blocked exit

If a boulder stays in front of an exit in a way with barely enough room for the spelunker to exit, holding the arrow key will result in the keyboard hint flickering as the walking animation plays. If a damsels is brought to the exit this way it will get crushed by the exit when trying to leave.

The Invincible Bat

If you get hit by a bat with the right timing as it starts to follow you, it will stay in place while flapping its wings. It can still deal damage to you, but trying to jump on it won't kill it. You can kill it by whipping it, though, and some blood will be hovering in the air. (found on the HTML-5 version)

Infinite Running

If you turn on a ledge at the last possible second, you will be stuck in the running animation. You are unable to move, use an item, jump, etc, and you have no way to escape without getting hit. (found on the HTML-5 version)

The Deadly Rock

If you drop a rock, running into it will damage you repeatedly, almost always killing you. (found on the HTML-5 version)

Stuck in a wall

When jumping off of a ladder (probably ropes too) hitting a wall at a certain angle will make you frozen in place, similar to the Infinite Running glitch.


XBLA  Shotgun fire at exact moment enemy is in front of you in Deathmatch causing gravity-defying moment

  I was playing a Deathmatch with my friend and he threw a Caveman at me. I fired my shotgun at this exact moment and all of a sudden, the caveman floats left of me and upward! It flew up to a floating island with another row of solid blocks above it. it went in the space between the two rows of solid blocks and fell. It was pretty funny, but I am wondering if there is a cause for this.

Picking up another player in the exact moment that they pick up you causes you to both to glitch and fly up against a wall.

In the Adventure Mode screen where you can choose which area you go to, you can also fly to the right where the rope drops down and die before a level starts, causing a coffin to appear in the first level. You can also fall off the screen, and if the player with the flag falls off the screen, it will make the screen go black, like when you die or enter a level.

This is a compiled list of bugs discovered in the 'vanilla' PC version of Spelunky, submitted and maintained by Spelunky fans.

Many of these bugs have been fixed in the community-made update to Spelunky, Spelunky 1.2

If you've discovered a new bug (or verified an old one was squashed), edit this page with your findings. For convenience, use the following format:

'''Description:''' The conditions/result of the bug. Be descriptive.

'''Discovered by:''' Your name, and anyone who can replicate the bug.

'''Resolved?:''' Yes / No - Add the version of Spelunky you're running.

Known Bugs

Classic bug:Boulder drops instantly

if you pick up the Golden Idol and stay down, sometimes the shaking won't happen. When you stand up, the screen shakes briefly, then the boulder drops (almost) instantly.

Discovered By: Unknown

Two Yeti Kings

The Yeti King boss in the Ice Caves may be found on two levels.



Monkey in the Middle---except you are the monkey!

It is possile, though rare, thatif two Yetis decide to play catch with you, you may end up getting passed between them continuously, without having time to actually die, and the health meter will stay the same.

Still alive Damsel!

After killing damsel, hold her by UP+X. If you look closely at her eyes, you can see her eyes open!

Can get extra heart after death

Description: If you have the Kapala (A reward for gaining 16 favor from the altar) that lets you get extra hearts from flying blood splashes, and you die, you can get an extra heart even after death.

Passing through walls diagonally

Description: By placing a pushable block 5 pixels away from a diagonal passage downward, the player can flip into the opening, get pushed into the wall, then flip down again to pass through it.


Resolved?: No (in 1.1)

Fall speed with cape goes wrong if passing a rope

Description: While wearing a cape, fall at the slower speed, and fall down past a rope. Now for the rest of the your fall, regardless of how you open and close your cape, you will only fall at the slow speed.

Discovered by: Paul C

Resolved?: Not fixed in latest download, 9 Dec 2011

Spear traps kill you even as they are destroyed

Description: If you stand on the edge of the spear trap while spear is out and it is destroyed, you will fall onto the spear and die.

Discovered by: Drew

Resolved?: No in 1.1

Fish stuck between air and water

Description: In area 2 if you throw a bomb into a pool of water that contains a fish, and the bomb explodes lowering the level of the water and the fish is exactly at the "new" water level (between air and water) at the time of the explosion, the fish will stay alive but will be unable to move.

Resolved?: Not in 1.1

Damsel can be saved and crushed simultaneously

Find a damsel. Push a square block in front of the exit door. Now run to the exit while holding the damsel *and holding the Up key*, so you exit as soon as possible. The damsel is crushed with some blood, but in the inter-level sequence she appears twice: once in Loot and once in Kills.

Damsel shot at the door

It is also possible for a damsel to be shot by an arrow trap as she exits the level through the door. If this happens, she will appear to be knocked away from the door and will run around as she normally does after being stunned, but can no longer be picked up by the player. If the player leaves the level through the door, the Damsel will be waiting for them there.

Discovered by: Andrio Celos

Resolved: Not as of 1.1

Prayers to Kali will not save you!

Description: Sometimes when getting the "I can hear prayers to Kali" level feeling In Area 4 the level will be generated with a lava pit, damsel and idol (as normal) inaccessible by normal means (for example the whole section is blocked by walls with no space for the Spelunker to pass). In some cases entry even with the usage of bombs or ropes is difficult (involving thrown bombs), as no suitable ground will be provided for a bomb to be planted.

Discovered by: Some guy I don't know

Resolved?: Not as of V1.1

Startup sequence stop

Description: when the opening sequence says: with fate guiding my every move, i squeezed the whip at my side, the third line does not appear and the cutscene does not play. i have only encountered this once, and i may just be impatient, but i still note it.

Discovered by: Anomynous

Resolved?: Not as of V1.1

Stuck between a rock and a hard place

Description: When a boulder stops a small distance from a wall, you are able to jump between them. Trying to jump out, the adventurer automatically grabs and clings to the side of the boulder, but you are unable to jump out. Pressing jump while clinging results in the adventurer "flailing" as if he was about to fall of the side, and releasing it returns to you clinging to the boulder again.

Discovered by: anomynous

Resolved?: Not in 1.1

Win7 high resolution

Description: Game won't start in 1920x1080 under Windows 7 (~100%CPU time consuming). Setting up compatibility in properties didn't help. I need to change resolution to 1280x768 every time I want to play. Graphic card: Mobile Intel 915GM/GMS,910GML Express (driver: Intel

EDIT BY Nicole: Seems to be a graphics-card specific problem, as I've tested it on the 1920x1080 resolution on the following cards: Nvidia Geforce GT 430; Nvidia Geforce 8600 and AMD Sapphire HD 6920, which all worked fine.

Discovered by: yafine

Resolved?: Not in v1.1.

EXTRA: Man-Eating Plant turns Average Shopkeeper into Superman!

Description: Killed a Man-Eater, Shoppy popped out and proceeded to be bounced around by my sceptre shot. He landed, seemingly unscathed, threw me, but luckily I got off another sceptre blast. This one took. It shouldn't have taken two, and the first hit him multiple times (Sceptre is insta-kill on Shoppies AFAIK)

Discovered by: Fualkner

Resolved?: Not in v1.1

Note: I realize this situation will never come up in legitimate play, but it should be fixed regardless. I'd imagine the same effect would happen with a bomb, producing even more WTF's.

"He started it" is a valid legal defense

Description: Stealing from an aggro'd shopkeeper does not count as theft. This can be exploited by angering a shopkeeper by pushing him into the corner of his shop with a movable block, as this does not increase your "wanted level".

Discovered by: billybobfred

Resolved?: Not in v1.1

Teleporting feet stuck

Description: When teleporting upwards the spelunkers feet can get stuck in the floor. Jumping results in dropping the teleport and it not being able to be picked up as it is below his feet.

Discovered by: Tumbo

Resolved?: Not in v1.1

Gems from walls

Description: if a wall containing a gem is isolated, the spelunker can use the jetpack to fly up to the wall and collect the gem (the gem was blue, I was holding a pickaxe, I approached from the lower left. I had the spectacles, allowing me to see the gem, but not the udjat eye.)

Discovered by: Nathan :)

Resolved?: Not in v1.1

Stolen = Bought

Description:Taking a shop damsel and running increments "Damsels Bought" in Stats.txt. Also, it does *not* update "Items Stolen".

Discovered by: Nathan)

Resolved?: Not in v1.1

Wall Smash

Description: If the player is thrown by an enemy onto a wall tile that's 1 tile or less away, there's a chance he will get crushed in the wall.

Discovered by: Captain Failmore

Resolved?: Not in v1.1

Silent Tutorial signs

Description: For a small percentage of players, the signs in the tutorial level don't show any text. Passing by them or pressing keys near them has no effect whether in full screen or windowed.

Discovered by: Donald, Anonymous

Resolved?: Not as of 1.1.

Game won't open without audio device

Description: If you don't have an audio device and attempt to run the game, it says "failed to initialize direct music audio" and then displays the following error message: ERROR in action number 1 of Create Event for object oMusic:

Initialization of the sound system failed!

The game then reports that an unexpected error occurred while running the game.

Discovered by: Neopergoss

Resolved?: Yes! NOT BY UPDATE! All you have to do is make a shortcut instead of running the file manualy or from the desktop. You MUST make a shortcut and it will work fine. 

Discovered by: xXSpelunkcraftXx

Workaround: Remove the sound folder and the game will launch after showing some errors. Or open Spelunky by going into your archiver and selecting Spelunky.exe

Game crash when pushing a block in lava

Description: When 3 or more push blocks are sinking in lava, if the player drops a push block on them, the game exits directly to the desktop.

Also, when two push blocks are stacked and sinking in lava, if the player pushes the top block just after the bottom one has sunk under the lava's tip, the game exits directly to the desktop.

Discovered by: Mel, Anonymous

Resolved?: Not in v1.1

Tunnel Man's sore exit

Description: While using the Tunnel Man costume, the player isn't invincible while exiting the level.

Discovered by: Astrospoon, ShadowthePast

Resolved?: The changelog indicates this was fixed in 1.1: "- Fixed bug: he [the tunnel man] could get hurt while exiting through doors."

Wall of lava pit made of special blocks

Description: The procedural level generator in Area 4 can spawn an arrow trap or an immovable push block as the wall of a lava pit. The lava pit doesn't drain when these blocks are destroyed.

Movable push blocks are generated as lava pit walls. FIXED IN v1.0

Discovered by: brvbtAstrospoon

Resolved?: Partially, in v1.0

Teleporting instakills enemies

Description: If the player teleports onto an enemy's position, the enemy is destroyed, without leaving any body/ loot/ weapons. This isn't considered a kill in the score screen.

Design consideration: If the player teleports onto a shopkeeper's position, the shopkeeper will be destroyed, but won't be considered killed, allowing the player to steal from the shop with impunity. This applies to the Black Market too.

The instakilling and lack of corpse may be intended. The other parts are probably not.

Discovered by: DelGato232, eguee, Anonymous

Resolved?: Not in v1.1

Is that an arrow in your pocket?

Description: Under certain conditions, the bow can get stuck in the primed state, and simultaneously an arrow will be stuck on the player. If the player presses the BOMB shortcut in this state, an arrow-bomb gets stuck on the player.

If the player primes the bow, holds the bow and presses the BOMB shortcut only once, no bomb is created. Pressing the BOMB shortcut a second time works as expected. FIXED IN v1.1

If the player creates an arrow-bomb, the bomb counter doesn't decrease.

                 Player Condition:  Prime the bow       Prime the bow,
                                                        SWITCH to bombs or ropes
    Event List:      Event Result:  Arrow gets stuck?   Arrow gets stuck 
                                    & bow primed?       & bow primed?
Drop the bow                        Not applicable      Yes
Thrown by cultist                   Yes                 No
Thrown by Yeti                      Yes                 No
Flip-hang                           Yes                 Yes
Thrown by shopkeeper                Yes                 Yes (bow disappears)
Shot by shopkeeper                  No                  Yes (bow disappears)
Thrown by monkey                    No                  Yes (bow disappears)
Stunned from a fall                 No                  Yes (bow disappears)
Hurt by Magma Man                   No                  Yes (bow disappears)
Hurt by Mummy's fly                 No                  Yes (bow disappears)
Dying by spear trap                 No                  Yes (bow disappears)
Dying by spike trap                 No                  Yes (bow disappears)
Hurt by a UFO beam                  No                  No
Hurt by arrow trap                  No                  No
Hurt by bomb (frog)                 No                  No
Hurt by bomb (item)                 No                  No

Discovered by: Delmion, Blazier, Anonymous

Resolved?: Pending further evaluation of v1.1

Headstomping causes no damage

Description: When the player jumps on a shopkeeper in a two-tile high corridor, the shopkeeper takes no damage. When the player jumps on a Yeti King in a three-tile high corridor, it takes no damage.

Discovered by: uNkNowN5642

Resolved?: Not in v1.0b

Ankh breaks while exiting level

Description: While exiting a level with the ankh, when a spear trap next to the door extends its spikes, the teleport sound plays and you enter the next level without the ankh.

Resolved?: Not in v1.0

Rope levitation from enemy attack

Description: While the player is climbing a rope, if he is hit by an enemy (eg bat or frog), he's pushed to the side, and levitates. If he's hit again and aligns with the rope, he can continue climbing.

Getting hit while climbing on vines and ladders works leads to levitation. FIXED IN v1.0

Resolved?: Not in v1.1

Lethargic humanoids (in web)

Description: When either a cultist, a Yeti, a man-eating plant, a vampire, or a cave man are stunned, caught on a web and not touching the floor, they don't wake up until they end up on the floor (by destroying the web, picking them up or throwing an item on them).

If the player throws a living damsel, she bounces on a wall and then gets caught on a web, she won't wake up until she ends up on the floor.

Discovered by: Arucard in the forum, Anonymous

Resolved: Not in v1.0b

Collision through diagonal walls

Description: When two wall-blocks are placed so as to touch diagonally, collisions can register through this diagonal wall (even though it's considered water-tight). UFOs and fire frogs can be stomped on through the walls' meeting point to cause an explosion. Also, damsels can be picked up through this diagonal wall.

Discovered by: DelGato232

Resolved?: Not in v1.0b

Free items in Black Market

Description: When the player damages a shopkeeper in the Black Market without killing him, some of the bombs/ ropes/ items in other shops become free (no money symbol above them, collectible through touch/ pick-up, shopkeepers aren't aggravated by pickups).

The Ankh is not made free. FIXED IN v1.1

Discovered by: Arucard, Anonymous

Resolved: Not in v1.1

Carrying arrows fiddles with arrow traps

Description: If the player is carrying an arrow and the arrow from an arrow trap causes a collision with the player's arrow, the player receives no damage. If the player is carrying an arrow and the arrow from an arrow trap causes a collision with the player, the player receives 4 points of damage (2 from each arrow).

Discovered by: Wurzelmann, Pyabo respectively for each case

Resolved?: Not in v1.0b

Disappearing Border

Description: I'm unaware of how this happened and I have only seen this once. but 1 tile disappeared around the middle of the left wall on the final level allowing the spelunker to travel outside of the level, but the camera will follow them until they enter the level boundaries again. The spelunker is unable to travel above the level and I am unaware if the lava is present on this side of the wall when using a held item on the other side of this wall and then returning to the stage makes the item unusable. If the item is set down the spelunker is unable to pick this item up again.

Discovered by: JakeTK

Resolved?: Not in v1.1.

Parachute misfires

Description: The parachute sometimes doesn't activate, even if the fall is adequate for this.

The parachute sometimes activates, even if the fall isn't adequate for this. It may also activate shortly after the player lands.

Discovered by: Max

Resolved?: Not in v1.0b

Area 2 doomed damsel

Description: The procedural level generator for Area 2 can spawn the damsel next to a Spike Totem or a man-eating plant, where the player can't save her. See image

Discovered by: Solarblade on the forum, Anonymous

Resolved?: Not in v1.1.

Falling damage from 4-tile drops

Description: When the player jumps so that his head knocks onto a 1- tile high ceiling and then drops down, he receives damage from 5-tile high drops (also possible but harder for 4-tile drops).

Resolved?: Not in v1.0b

Keys always pressed when on code 0

Description: Under unknown and rare conditions, the key config menu doesn't relate the queried action to the key that was pressed. When this happens, the key config menu assigns the action to key code 0 in the keys.cfg file. When the game starts, the key with code 0 is falsely considered to be pressed once on every frame, and so the corresponding action is processed once per frame. (User reported cases: UP, PURCHASE always pressed)

Resolved?: Not in v1.0b

Arrows pass through Moon room target

Description: Sometimes arrows will pass straight through the middle of the Moon Room target without hitting it.

Discovered by: ExplodingCabbage

Resolved?: Not in v.99.8, resolved in v1.1

Gamepad not detected

Description: Using USB Logitech Wireless RumblePad on Windows XP x64, the gamepad couldn't be detected, no matter which USB port was used.

Discovered by: BootGod

Resolved?: Not in v.99.8

Joyconfig broken

Description: Joyconfig only recognizes a button if you are holding a gamepad button down while starting Joyconfig. Joyconfig doesn't recognize any other button presses. Specifically:

  • If you are holding a gamepad button down while starting Joyconfig, then that button is accepted as the Jump button.
  • If you start Joyconfig with a gamepad connected but nothing held down, the Jump button is quickly set to "RT (XB)". (The first line of gamepad.cfg is "-2". The tutorial says "Press B-2 to jump.") This effectively disables the Jump function. Delete the gamepad.cfg file to fix the problem.
  • If you start Joyconfig with no gamepad connected, nothing unusual happens, but you can only view the current settings, not make any changes.

Discovered by: redcords, elaborated by Bavi_H: [1]

Workaround 1: use Spelunky v0.99.5 to set gamepad.cfg, then copy to Spelunky 0.99.8 folder

Workaround 2, by Arucard on the forum: In the config file, delete the "-" before the "2" (this appears to not help with current versions however -- the program remains unworking and simply puts the "-" back in the configuration on its own.)

Workaround 3: since it is impossible to download v0.99.5 from any official sources nor any I've found even with the help of Google so far, JoyToKey or a similar joystick to keyboard remapping program is probably the only option left.

Resolved?: Still not in 1.1.

Perilous/ missing Black Market entrance

Description: The procedural level generator can spawn the Black Market entrance in the floor/ wall of a shop.

The procedural level generator can spawn the Black Market entrance in a location requiring sticky bombs (or carefully timed thrown bombs).

Discovered by: Several people on the forums, Artemis251

Resolved?: Not in v1.1

Udjat Eye missing

Description: Sometimes it's impossible to get the Udjat Eye, because the key and/ or the chest fail to spawn. Here's the relevant forum post.

Discovered by: Several people on the forums.

Resolved?: Not in v 1.1, although it happens very seldomly.

City Of Gold entrance missing

Description: The entrance to the City of Gold can fail to spawn, in the same way the Udjat Eye does.

Resolved?: Not in v.99.5

The city of gold can also spawn behind the entrance to the level. The locked entrance will be visible, but the Sceptre text will come up if you walk onto it. It can also appear behind the exit, or submerged in lava.

Hedjet missing

Description: There is a chance the Hedjet will fail to spawn, even though the Moai head is generated properly.

Resolved?: Not in v.99.5

Ankh revival misplaced

Description: If the Moai is in the frozen region, The Ankh can fail to revive you inside the Hedjet's alcove, instead bringing you back to the start of the level.

Resolved?: No - v1.1

Game-freeze in Black Market

Description: If the shopkeepers are in aggressive state, entering the Black Market has a 50 to 75% chance of crashing the game.

Discovered by: MechanisMs, Zen, Anonymous

Resolved?: Not in v.99.9, was presumed fixed for v.99.9

Game-freeze in Black Market II

Description: When the message for being revived by the Ankh and the Ghost warning overlap, the game crashes.

Screenshot of the freeze showing the double message.

Resolved?: Not in v.99.8

Ankh Wall/ladder crush (during debug mode)

Description: When crushed by a falling movable block while either on a ladder or clinging to the side of the wall next to one, the ankh respawned me at the entrance to the level, clinging to the air on one side, and unable to do anything other than pause the game. I was using debug mode, so that may factor into it.

Discovered by: E-mouse

Resolved?: Not in v.99.5

Unexplained deaths

Description: I've had this happen on four separate occasions now. Just standing around and mysteriously die, with no attacks, enemies, bombs, etc. in sight. One time it happened is what made me question it as a bug, as I had 13 health from sacrificial altars and the Hedjet, precluding many forms of death. There doesn't seem to be any common cause, although the latest time it happened was when I tried to climb up a rope from the bottom of it.

Discovered by: brvbt

Resolved?: Not in v.1.1

Crushed by stationary blocks

Description: A guest of the wiki reports that he is often crushed when he touches a stationary push block while performing a running jump. See picture here

Resolved?: Not in v.1.1

You leave the pool alone for five seconds... and this happens.

Lava pits/ water pools drain partially

Description: If a bomb destroys a pool that is partially in the Frozen Region, only the pool tiles that are active will be drained.

Discovered by: L, the_darklorde

Resolved?: Not in v1.1.

Rocks/pots/skulls rescued from lava not affected by gravity

Description: If a rock, pot, or skull falls into lava and is retrieved by the player before it vanishes, it will temporarily be unaffected by gravity; if thrown, it will continue to rise through the air until it strikes a wall, whereupon it behaves normally.

Discovered by: MagFlare

Resolved?: Not in v1.0b

Bat Hi-jinks

Description: I was in Area 2 today, with a "You hear rushing water" level feeling, and I was hanging out near the large water area at the bottom of the level. A bat was hanging on the ceiling nearby, waiting for me to come out of the water. I was trying to exit the water but instead kept rapidly entering and exiting, which caused the bat to spaz out completely. First it stayed in it's 'ready' or hanging position, and started sliding down and to the right. Then it started flying toward me while still underwater. Needless to say this was unusual behavior.

Discovered by: brvbt

Resolved?: Not in v1.1

Lava pool bug

Description: While dropping the bomb in the lava pool near the edge, wall gets blown up, but lava level doesn't drop-seen in the picture


Discovered by: Crovirus

Resolved?: Not in v.99. 9

Severe Crash When Moving Window

Description: When I tried to move the window while the game was running (and not paused), while I was in the Ice area, it crashed my entire computer. Spelunky froze (although the music continued playing), everything else about my computer slowed down enourmously, and after a bit I got a blue screen and a forced restart!

Discovered by: Zen

Resolved?: Supposedly in v1.1, tested on 4 different computers by Nicole

The Ghost jumps the gun on the Tunnel Man

Description: When playing as the Tunnel Man, if you complete the first level after two minutes or more, the message A chill runs up your spine! will appear. If you take more than 150 seconds, the Ghost will appear, despite the fact that the Ghost normally can't appear in the first level. However, it can't catch you, because you've already passed through the exit.

This does not happen if you play as the Spelunker or the Damsel.

Discovered by: Andrio Celos

Resolved?: Not in 1.1.

Questionable behavior / Cosmetic bugs

Shopkeeper in a man-eating plant

Description: If you feed a shopkeeper to a man-eating plant, pick up the shotgun he dropped, and kill the man-eating plant, he will reappear with ANOTHER shotgun Resolved: Not in v1.1 Unconfirmed. Works as expected, like in previous versions.

Rope auto-deployment

Description: The player's rope auto-deploys when, and only when, he's hurt by a UFO beam, an arrow or a bomb (item or frog).

Resolved: Not in v1.1

Spelunker squash ball

Description: If the player is thrown by an enemy, he may bounce off the wall and back onto the enemy, who will continue on throwing him. This can lead to the player dying with no control after the first throw. After a while of being dead, the Spelunker will disappear with the enemy constantly throwing nothing (looking like it is dancing) with pixel blood drops going every which way. Suggested resolution: Cap the amount of times enemies can throw the player within a certain period.

Discovered by: Captain Failmore

Resolved?: Not in v1.0b

Can't chain these hands

Description: If the player has acquired the ball and chain, and he picks up the ball, no graphic representation of the ball is shown in the held item slot.

Discovered by: Delmion

Resolved?: Not in v1.0b

Carrying items in ending cutscene

Description: Hold an item when entering the final boss room. Drop that item, defeat the boss and exit the room without holding anything. In the final cut-scenes (inside the volcano and on the sand) you'll be depicted as holding the original item.

If you pick up another item while in the final boss room and exit with it, you'll be correctly depicted as holding that item in the final cut-scenes.

Discovered by: brvbt, Anonymous

Resolved?: Not in v1.0b

Alternate costume issues

Description: Change to the damsel costume. Feed a spelunker to a man-eating plant. The animation shows a damsel being eaten.

Change to the Tunnel Man costume. Get eaten by a man-eating plant. No body is shown during the animation.

Change to the Tunnel Man costume. Press ACTION, then JUMP and you can attack mid-air. You can't attack mid-air if you press JUMP, then ACTION, or if you're holding a mattock item.

Enable "Press DOWN to run" in the config menu. Change to the damsel or the Tunnel Man costume. Press RIGHT, then DOWN, and you crawl to the right at the speed of running.

Have the Tunnel Man dig a shortcut, but not all of them. Gain the 4 trophies. Change to the Tunnel Man costume. Talk to the Tunnel Man about opening one of the remaining shortcuts. In the distance between the Tunnel Man and the exit, you'll be walking in the spelunker costume.

Change to the damsel costume. Talk to the Tunnel Man. In the distance between the Tunnel Man and the exit, you'll be walking in the spelunker costume. FIXED IN v1.0

Change to the damsel costume. Climb up the "Quit" rope. After passing the sign, the player will change back to the Spelunker until exiting the screen. The cutscene afterwards shows the damsel again.

Discovered by: Solarblade, Kegluneq, fall_ark, eguee, Anonymous

Resolved?: Partially, in v1.0b

Her voice echoes in the cave

Description: The damsel's "help" sound effect is reversed in stereo speakers. It sounds from the left speaker if she's to the right, and from the right speaker if she's to the left.

Discovered by: Karmagasm

Resolved?: Not in v1.0b

Shotgun/ pistol collision

Description: Shotguns and pistols can shoot through 1-tile walls when wielded by the player, both when facing left and right. Replicate the level from this [image], then hold down and right to hang.

Discovered by: Gorvin on the forums, Def_Gie, details added by Eirian

Resolved?: Not in v1.0b

Death by hanging (onto objects)

Description: If the player is hanging onto a falling object (boulder, collapsible tile, and the player lands on a ledge next to the object, he is embedded into the wall and insta-crushed. (Analogous to self-telefrag from the teleporter?)

Discovered by: KGVT

Resolved?: Not in v.99.9

Spike seizure

Description: If the player dies by landing on spikes, he budges up and down repeatedly.

Discovered by: GreenWisp

Resolved?: Not in v1.0b

Arrows prefer certain directions

Description: If the players is running towards the left, and throws an arrow while only a few pixels away from a wall to the left, the arrow will get stuck in the wall, but will be facing right. This behavior only happens with hand-thrown arrows, not bow-thrown arrows. Also, arrows that end up on the floor always face right.

Discovered by: Hiking Viking

Resolved?: Not in v1.0b

Dead AND stunned damsel

Description: If a damsel is stunned and caught on a spider web, killing her removes the stunned-stars animation correctly. However, if a dead damsel is placed on a web, the stunned-stars animation appears. The stars disappear if you grab her off the web, or you destroy it.

If a dead damsel is placed in lava, the stunned-stars animation appears. Download the custom level

Discovered by: M + D

Resolved?: Not in v.99.9B

Bat slides after Spelunky dies

Description: Get killed by a bat in a 1-tile high corridor. The bat will try to land and keep sliding. This can also happen when a bat is chasing you and you enter a pool of water.

Resolved?: Not in v1.0b

There won't be blood

Description: When the player headstomps a shopkeeper, no blood is generated. When a player headstomps a cultist, blood is generated only the first time.

Resolved: Not in v1.0b

Dangerous Locked Chest

Description: The locked chest can spawn right in front of spikes. In this case, only a few white pixels denote the spikes' presence, possibly leading to a surprise death.

Discovered by: Tril

Resolved: Not in v.99.9B

One-way teleport

Description: While hanging from a ledge and equipped with the teleporter, the player can only teleport upwards or towards the direction he's facing, not away from it.

Resolved?: Not in v.99.9B

Floating spikes

Description: In some cases, spikes are not destroyed when the tile below them is.

Discovered by: Several people on the forums, screen captured by Magikaru.

Resolved?: Not in v.99.5

Moon room description unlocked prematurely

Description: When the Sun or Stars room (or possibly both of them) are unlocked, the description for the Moon room is also unlocked. The description for the Changing room stays hidden.

Resolved?: Not in v.1.1

Edge of screen -> easy kills

Description: Enemies exiting the screen end up in the frozen region. Throwing an item towards them while they're frozen will kill them easily.

Discovered by: brvbt

Resolved?: Not in v.99.9B

No falling damage

Description: If the player presses the JUMP button twice in the single frame it takes to land, he can avoid fall damage. Reproducible by changing the room speed to 10fps in debug mode.

Reported by: Several people on the forums.

Resolved: Not in v0.99.8, was presumed fixed in v.99.5

Steal auto-pickup items from shops

Description: The player can teleport into a shop he hasn't been in and auto-pickup items for a short moment without angering the shopkeeper.

Discovered by: Tozar

Resolved?: Not in v.99.5

Thrown by a jumping Yeti

Description: If a Yeti is jumping and the player is in its path, the Yeti can throw the player.

Resolved?: Not in v.99.8

Stunned edge catch

Description: If the player is stunned and falling, landing at the edge of a ledge means that he may continue falling after he wakes up. This happens because the 'stunned' collision mask is wider than the standing mask.

Resolved?: Not in v.99.8

Timing of totem spikes

Description: There is an inaccuracy in the spike animation and actual damage. You can wait until the spikes deploy fully and run into them (after they are deployed) and receive no damage, yet, you will often receive damage from spikes just beginning to deploy but still in the 1st stage (when they can be seen, but only the tips are shown).

Resolved?: Not in v.99.8

Alternate-costume attracts arrows

Description: If you're playing as the spelunker and you're moving up a ladder, an arrow shot by a dart trap will be absorbed by a held damsel. But if you're playing as the damsel and you're moving up a ladder, an arrow shot by a dart trap will not be absorbed by a held spelunker.

Discovered by: Super-Dot

Resolved?: Not in v.99.8

Bow/pistol suicide

Description: If you get a good running start and jump, then fire a bow, you can hit yourself with an arrow. Similarly, if you fire immediately before drop-hanging over a ledge, you can shoot yourself. I don't know if these count as bugs, but just from a physics standpoint they shouldn't be possible.

Discovered by: brvbt

Resolved?: Not in v.99.8

Grabbing gems inside solid wall

Description: The player can grab gems stuck within solid walls with enough speed and/ or carrying a damsel and/or flip-hanging.

Discovered by: ExplodingCabbage

Resolved?: Still not in v1.1, tested by Nicole

Bats immune to spikes/ spears

Description: Bats don't die when they approach spikes/ spears (even though they set off the Spear Totems).

Resolved?: Not in v1.0b

Fire frog in water

Description: Fire frogs turn into normal frogs when they enter water. This doesn't happen if a fire frog has been "bomb-armed" (it starts shaking), and then thrown in water. In this state it just sinks down and explodes. Maybe it should revert to a normal frog.

Resolved?: Not in v.99.9B

Falling through Giant Spider

Description: Sometimes when I jump onto the Giant Spider, I fall through it and end up getting hurt instead. It seems to mostly happen when landing around the middle of the spider.

Resolved?: Not in v1.0b

UFOs keep shooting at dead Spelunker

Description: UFOs shoot at the player even after he's dead.

Resolved?: Not in v.99.9

Pushable block self-crush

Description: If the player pushes a block within a few pixels of another block and tries to flip-hang from either of them, he'll be crushed.

Discovered by: NMcCoy on the forums.

Resolved?: Not in v.99.8

0-tile high spring splat

Description: In the level editor, if a spring trap is directly below a solid block, the player will be crushed into the wall if he steps on the trap.

Discovered by: NMcCoy on the forums.

Resolved?: Not in v.99.8

Fish out of water

Description: In a custom level, if a body of water with a giant piranha in it is drained, the giant piranha will be immobilized but alive.

Discovered by: NMcCoy on the forums.

Resolved?: Not in v.99.8

Tiny Statute of Limitations for shopkeeper murder

Description: If a player kills a shopkeeper but doesn't cause an aggressive state to other shopkeepers, there won't be shopkeeper guards at consequent level exits.

Resolved?: Not in v.99.5

Aqua Man speed by jumping

Bug Description: When the player jumps repeatedly while in water, vertical momentum stacks, resulting in unnatural speed.

Resolved?: Not in v.99.8

Falling instead of hanging from ledge

Description: If the player flails on a ledge, trying to flip-hang from that ledge, the player will fall. Also, if the player edges towards a ledge by tapping the direction instead of holding it, trying to flip-hang, the player will fall.

Resolved?: Not in v.99.9

Flying saucer explosion

Description: If the player jumps on a Flying Saucer that's next to a wall, it will explode instead of plummeting.

Discovered by: Adam Butcher

Resolved?: Not in v.99.8

Gluttonous plants

Description: After a man-eating plan eats a target, it can eat more targets if they're fed to it before the stunned animation initiates.

Resolved?: Not in v.99.8

Invisible Market entrance

Description: If the Black Market entrance spawns in the unremovable water of a Rushing Water level, only the water is displayed, and not the door. The Udjat Eye still functions properly, and the door can be entered.

Discovered by: E-mouse

Resolved?: Not in v.99.8

Arrows stuck in walls are slippery

Description: When the player has enough speed, catching onto arrows that are stuck on walls becomes impossible. It's also impossible to grab an arrow that's stuck in a wall if another arrow is within a few pixels of it.

Resolved?: Not in v.99.8

Double drops from pots

Description: When the player destroys a pot by whipping it, twice the rubble and spawns (gold/ gems/ enemies) are spawned. Shooting or dropping the pot doesn't produce this.

Resolved?: Not in v.99.9

Bomb pressure prejudice

Description: Objects that are directly above an explosion are propelled only to the right. (observed for bombs propelling other bombs to the right)

Discovered by: ExplodingCabbage

Resolved?: Not in v.99.8

Sun room score capped

Description: It's impossible to score above 99 in the Sun Room because the timer stops.

Discovered by: ExplodingCabbage

Resolved?: Not in v.99.8

Various Moon room issues

Description: Four things here: 1) The target will register a hit when it bumps into arrows embedded in the back wall. Don't know if this was intended but it's a bit ugly. 2) The target can also be hit from behind by arrows bouncing off the back wall. Again, don't know if this was intended but I would keep it personally because I think it's really cool, especially when getting a bullseye :P 3) If you score above 99 in the Moon Room, the score will just show as 99 on the scores screen. 4) If you score above 99 in the Moon Room, the final digit of the score (as shown in the Moon Room) overlaps with the clock icon after the score which looks ugly. Could be easily resolved by moving the time slightly further to the right.

Discovered by: ExplodingCabbage

Resolved?: Not in v.99.8

Idol-throwing monkeys

Description: Monkeys can throw items at you. When a monkey throws the Area 2 idol, the trap doesn't engage.

Discovered by: Zerotime

Resolved?: Not in v.99.8

Collapsing floor instacrush

Description: Letting a section of area 3's collapsing floor fall on an enemy will instantly kill them, exactly the same as if they were crushed by a falling/pushed block.

Discovered by: Zerotime

Resolved?: Not in v.99.8

Level exit negates falling damage

Description: The user can avoid fall damage by pressing up, if he is over the level exit.

Discovered by: Zerotime

Resolved?: Not in v.99.9B

Ball and chain parachute

Description: The player can repeatedly throw the Ball and chain upwards to stop himself from falling.

Discovered by: Def_Gie

Resolved?: Not in v.99.8

Craps dice exploit

Description: If a craps die is caught in midair, while spinning, it will continue spinning in the player's hands. If the die is held against a wall, it stops, and continues spinning if moved away from the wall. This can be repeated until a desirable number shows, then the dice can be dropped. Very handy to make up the $50,000 needed in the Black Market.

Discovered by: Johothehobo

Resolved?: Not in v.99.8, Dice don't stop on walls in v1.1

Repeat give-aways from Dice shop

Description: The same item can be won more than once when playing craps. This is legitimate behavior for bombs, but less so for other items.

Resolved?: Not in v.1.1

Hanging on short ledges

Description: When jumping, it's possible to hang from a ledge that is only one block high. In other words your feet are touching the ground, but you count as hanging.

Resolved?: Not in v.99.9

Bleeding skeletons

Description: Skeletons bleed if hit with a skull.

Discovered by: MagFlare

Resolved?: Not in v1.0b

Spring bomb UFOs

Description: UFOs may not be destroyed by bombs bounced off a spring.

Discovered by: gliperal

Resolved?:Not in v1.0b

Chest spawns inside blocks

Description: I had the chest that contains the Udjat Eye spawn inside of a solid, non-movable block. I carried the key next to the block and the chest opened, revealing the Udjat Eye and consuming both the key and the chest (as per normal) but then the Udjat Eye was stuck in the block. I bombed the block, destroying it, which sent the Udjat Eye flying. I picked it up normally and everything after that point but it seemed pretty questionable.

Discovered by: brvbt

Resolved? Not in v1.1

Arrow Trap misfires + Damsel spawn location

Description: In Area 1, I've had a damsel spawn directly in front of an arrow trap on multiple occasions. The arrow trap doesn't fire until you move into its line of fire, automatically hitting the damsel. It seems like her presence should set it off before the player triggers it, since snakes and other stuff does.

Discovered by: brvbt

Resolved? Not in v1.1

Kissing Booth Damsel makes a break for it

Description: When you pick up a damsel at a kissing booth and throw her down again, she becomes stunned like normal damsels do. However, when she becomes unstunned, she resumes a normative damsel behavior, i.e. running around like crazy. When this running behavior makes her exit the shop, the shopkeeper of the kissing booth will aggro and display his "Die, Vandal!" message.

Discovered by: brvbt

Resolved? Not in v1.1

Leafy trees in restless dead levels

Description: If two trees have two tiles between them and they're at the same height, the treetops that are touching each other are the normal leafy green treetop tiles, whether or not it is a restless dead level.

Discovered by: DoomeyeSPB

Resolved?: Not in v1.1

Possibly Resolved as of 0.99.8 (Needs Player Confirmation)

Derek believes these bugs were fixed in v.99.8. If you can verify this, move them to the resolved section

Spring exit animation (cosmetic)

Description: If you go through a level exit over in Area 3 and it has a spring underneath it, player will appear one square above the exit as he does his exiting animation. Weird-looking.

Discovered by: Adam

Resolved?: Not in v.99.5

Damsel repeat rescue

Description: If there's a spring below the exit, a damsel's exiting will be interrupted, allowing her to be rescued repeatedly and inflating the rescue count.

Discovered by: Several people on the forums.

Resolved?: Not in v.99.5

Inflated victory score

Description: After a won game, the final score on the high-score screen will sometimes be several times higher than the actual score.

Discovered by: Several people on the forums.

Resolved?: Not in v.99.5

End cutscene accidental skip

Description: The player can press the action button to skip the ending cutscene (after defeating the final boss), even if it's the first time the cutscene is shown.

Discovered by: Adam Butcher

Resolved?: Not in v.99.5

Thrown objects stick in ceiling

Description: Objects thrown by the player or an explosion get stuck in ceiling. See image

Resolved?: Not in v.99.9

Inconsistent controls after hanging

Description: Occasionally, the game will get into a state where hanging controls change. If you are hanging and press toward the ledge and jump, you will drop instead of jumping up. In order to jump up you have to either press up and jump or release the left/right and press jump. In normal situations you should jump up on the ledge every time. This is a serious problem on any level with spike totems because if it happens you will be instantly killed and there's really nothing you can do about it.

Opened By: Pyabo

Resolved?: Not in v.99.5

Boulders do not set off arrow traps

Description: If a rolling boulder falls into a pit or hole, and falls past an arrow trap, the arrow trap is not set off. This is highly counter-intuitive because every other moving object will set off an arrow trap.

Resolved?: Not in v.99.8

Arrow trap misfire from obstructions

Description: When a pot (or the chest) is in front of an arrow trap, the trap isn't set off by enemies or items thrown to set it off. But the player does set it off.

Discovered by: Several people on the forums.

Resolved?: Not in v.99.8

Jaws can't be deleted in level editor

Description: When making a stage in stage builder, if you create a Jaws (I did it on top of spikes) he won't go away. Whenever you delete him, he'll come back when you test the level.

In v1.1, the above glitch randomly happens, but not always.

Discovered by: Krynxe, Leafbarrett

Resolved?: Partially not in v1.1

Yeti Smash

Description: If you are thrown into a wall by a yeti who is also right next to the wall, the game will treat the collision as if you are being crushed, and instantly kill you.

Resolved?: Not in v1.1

Goodbye, HUD

Description: If you are revived by the ankh after being killed by a ghost, you won't have a HUD the rest of the level.

Discovered By: Samkid882

Resolved?: Not in v1.1

Floating Cape

Description: If you duck/crawl with a cape on, your cape will stay in it's position.

Discovered By: Samkid882

Resolved?: Not in v1.1

Walking off the edge of the screen

Description On the final level, hanging on the bottom of a rope directly above another rope, I jumped as the big head was below me and the wall beside me disappeared. Later I decided to see where it went. Screen scrolled as if falling before it crashed. Screenshot of error message. Another occasion with two missing wall blocks.

Discovered by: Secret squirrel.

Resolved? Not in v1.1

Blind Arrow Traps

When playing the Tunnel Man, I encountered an arrow trap on the other side of the wall. I suicidally dug through the wall, expecting to be skewered by an arrow the moment the trap registers the movement. Nothing happened. The trap only fired when I approached. In short, the traps don't seem to detect destroying the environment as movement.

Discovered by: Kuba Neyman

Resolved? Not in v1.1.

Possibly Resolved as of 0.99.9B (Needs Player Confirmation)

Throwing blocks on final boss

Description: Dropping a movable block onto the Final Boss makes him immobile. The block can't be pushed off due to bouncing while standing on top of the head. The player can also die from standing on top of the non-moving boss.

Discovered by: Several people on the forums, clarification by Gamer2600

Resolved?: Presumably, in v.99.9

Rope Snag

Description: A rope thrown upward may "catch" on a ceiling even if it winds up below open air once it deploys.

Discovered by: Several people on the forums.

Resolved?: Presumably, in v.99.9B

Held damsels dropped when near totem poles

Description: If a damsel is held horizontally within one tile of a totem pole, the Spelunker tends to let go of her, but may not do so 100% of the time.

Resolved?: Presumably, in v.99.9

Supply crates don't fall

Description: I tried to drop a crate into a hole to trigger an arrow trap, but instead the crate warped over to the other ledge. I jumped to the other side and tried again, and saw the crate warp to the opposite edge again.

Resolved?: Presumably, in v.99.8

Stunned spring bounce

Description: In Area 3, if you land on a springboard while stunned you will shoot up much higher than usual.

Discovered by: NMcCoy on the forums.

Resolved?: Presumably, in v.99.9B, not in v.99.8

Dead enemies still do damage

Description: If you run into a dead enemy while it is still bouncing on the ground in its death animation, sometimes it still causes damage to you or even tosses you (in the case of Cultists and Yetis). This also works with already dead corpses if you "lift them up" with the scepter.

Resolved?: Should be, tested in several cases by Nicole

Possibly Resolved as of 1.0 (Needs Player Confirmation)

Derek believes these bugs were fixed in v1.0

Game freeze due to multiple stunned enemies

Description: If enough enemies are being stunned by arrow hits at the same time, the game can freeze. Among other possible causes is the entity generation code (blood). E-mouse: I'm pretty sure this is from blood generation - I had a freeze when I shot far too many bullets at a few Shopkeepers offscreen.

Resolved?: Presumably, in v1.0

Spelunker and enemies get stuck in wall

Description: If a snake or man-eating plant is stuck within a wall, it will move up the wall in a straight line. If the man-eating plant is stunned while within the wall, it will move up in zig-zags. (Snakes can spawn in walls through pots, man-eating plants get stuck in wall after they wake up while being carried and ledge-hanging).

If the spelunker, a Yeti, or a cultist are stuck within the wall, they will not move. Download the custom level .

Discovered by: Hiking Viking, Rapidwhirl, Anonymous

Resolved?: Presumably, in v1.0

Black blocks in Score and Bonus rooms

Description: A small fraction of graphics cards/ graphics drivers combination results in several black blocks in the Score and Bonus rooms. For one user, running the Zune application triggers this effect.

Discovered by: Dintent, Anonymous

Resolved?: Presumably, in v1.0

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