The Broken Sword is a broken (but still usable) version of the Excalibur. It is obtained when using the Clone Gun on the Excalibur, and may be done even when the blade is still within its stone.


As its description implies, the Broken Sword is still a powerful weapon, instantly gibbing most common enemies and able to slash through webs and loose jungle foliage.

As it is a poor replica of the standard Excalibur, it is not as powerful, dealing half as much damage and unable to damage Kingu's shell like its original copy can, meaning it is much harder to reach the Sunken City using it and not the intact version of the blade.

It is worth noting that the Broken Sword can still slice through the armor of Gold-Masked Olmites like its original copy can.


  • Typically, there are only two reasons that a player would want the Broken Sword; They do not have the Crown or Hedjet and cannot take Excalibur, or they want the Journal entry for it.
  • The Broken Sword can prove useful on runs that players want to end after defeating Tiamat in Neo Babylon, as it will reduce everything in the player's way there to chunks, including Olmites wearing heavy armor.
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