Boulders are extremely destructive traps that appear when the player steals a Golden Idol in the Ice Caves.

A player triggering a boulder to come tumbling down The Ice Caves.


When the golden idol below the wall carving is disturbed, there will be a short rumbling before a 2x2 tile wide boulder crashes through the wall carving and drops down onto the platform where the idol was placed, immediately rolling in the direction of the Spelunker and smashing through any obstructions in its path, much like Quillback does in the Dwelling.

When the boulder hits the indestructible wall at the edge of the map, it will rebound and start rolling in the other direction until it runs out of momentum. Boulders lose momentum faster when they have to smash through blocks.

When a boulder comes to a rest, it may block passages, although unlikely due to the Abyss at the bottom of the level. If a bomb or other explosive (such as a mine) is detonated next to it, it will propel the boulder forward and cause it to start rolling again.

If the Spelunker or any other gets in the way of the rolling boulder, they will be killed instantly. The boulder will also destroy any items in its way, including treasure.


  • Boulders are two tiles tall and do not climb slopes. To avoid them, seek higher ground at least three tiles higher than the platform the idol was placed on. If necessary, rope may be used.
  • The player may also stand atop one of the two wooden poles beside the idol, as the boulder will roll right through them. Note that if the player does not jump as soon as the boulder rolls through, they may end up riding the boulder all the way down the level or be violently sent off of the rolling boulder as it passes by a ceiling or other hazard.
  • Dropping down a hole a single tile wide will have the boulder will roll right over the Spelunker.
  • It's also possible, albeit very risky, to jump over the boulder from ground level with Spring Shoes.
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